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New footage from Kansas City parade shooting shows black teens arguing moments before gunfire

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Feb 18, 2024, 8:39:03 PMFeb 18
New video has emerged from the deadly shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs’
Super Bowl parade, which appears to show teenagers in a heated exchange
just moments before shots were fired.

In the footage, obtained by TMZ, a teen in the background wearing a red
sweatshirt can be seen removing his backpack while arguing with someone

A young man in a black hoodie and another in a brown jacket and white
sweatshirt can also be seen walking toward the direction of the argument
happening out of frame.

The person in the brown jacket, who also had a bandana covering his face,
appears to be the same individual who was later tackled to the ground, as
seen in a video that went viral shortly after the incident.

Two other young men pop into the frame a moment later, with one in a red
beanie appearing to be reaching for something in his coat.

The video was reportedly recorded by fans at the Wednesday rally at 1:48
p.m. CT, nearly the same time the shooting began.

Eyewitness sources who spoke with TMZ claim that two of the teens in the
video — the one with the backpack and red sweatshirt, and the one in the
black hoodie — could be seen walking away from the scene of the shooting
moments after it happened, with the teen in the black appearing to be
wounded in the face.

All of the young men visible in the background of the footage seemed to be
in a group together, and were arguing with a taller man off-camera, the
sources added.

That man, who is not seen in the video, was allegedly the one who fired
the first shot, according to people at the event. However, there’s no
gunfire in this particular video, so it’s still unclear exactly how the
incident went down.

Police continue to investigate the shooting, which left one person dead
and 22 injured on what was supposed to be a day of celebration for Kansas
City. Authorities on Thursday said the shooting appeared to be the result
of a dispute between multiple people.

So far, two juveniles have been charged with gun-related and resisting
arrest offenses, and are being detained in the county’s Juvenile Detention
Center. Further charges are expected as the investigation continues.

Juvenile hearings are not open to the public in Missouri and no more
information on the suspects has been released.
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