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Call Me Bwana

Sep 19, 2000, 3:00:00 AM9/19/00
In any truly civilized society the highest accolades are always reserved for
those selfless individuals who sacrifice themselves for the benefit of
others. Like the Spartans at Thermopylae or the Christian martyrs in Roman
coliseums they ask only where noble duty lies.

In our more complicated times the torch has passed to a new and unique band
of champions endowed with piercing insight that enables them to cast aside
worn out conventions and illuminate a path for lesser beings who sadly lack
the wit to comprehend that a new era has dawned.

Indeed, without these heroes who transform themselves into cornucopias of
wisdom the howling mob would surely careen off straight towards the nearest
abyss that offers them instant gratification of their vulgar impulses.

The clapped out concept of a conscious, wilful Deity has been supplanted by
a conveniently more pliable unconscious force as in "May the Force be with
you" supplied by - who else - Hollywood. Now the hight priests of
Glitterdom, free from any encumbering ancient texts, can write their own
scripts. Jackpot and let's pary!

Our glorious imperial schools have replaced both the church and the family
as the source of ethical codes, and lucky for us attendance at these fonts
of moral guidance is compulsory, or mommy and daddy or some interloping
preacher would surely contaminate pliable young minds with horse and buggy
ideas totally impertinent in the age of "Heather Has Two Mommies."

The glittering new age of Global Corporations uber alles propelled by
Bongonian galley slaves has dawned, and any reactionaries impeding this
culmination of all that is truly useful and pertinent must be humanely
reprogrammed, or, failing that, at least exposed to public ridicule in the
electronic stocks in the town square of Hollywood.

The Global Empire is an article of faith with the powers that be, and is
therefore not to be questioned. So sayeth the New York Times and so sayeth
we all. Now our globe is populated mostly by Bongonians, and all
institutions must therefore apply the rule of the lowest common denominator
when teaching their stock the simple tricks necessary to expedite herding
them, the luckier ones to the shearing pens and the not so lucky to the

For the truly stupid mere repetition of positively spun and rhyming (a lot
of Afros out there, remember) euphemisms like "affirmative action" is
sufficient to the task of socialization as a good little member of the herd,
but for those youths with a few more synapses (like Europeans and Orientals,
for instance) one does have to resort to the scarcely veiled threat of being
labeled a "hater" with its attendant punishments of being drug off to the
imperial gulag, or at least denied employment or tenure if the powers that
be are in a more generous mood.

Now it's a damn sorry empire that's so crude that it must always resort to
boots and fists, so the promise of earthly rewards for the clever
collaborators is not neglected.

The story below features one Mr. Shapiro, one of our new class of champions,
who gives hope to youths being programmed - genuine hope to the those clever
and sneering cynics who see through it all, and false hope to easily
deceived masses of Bongonians. The hope consists of the vision that they too
can one day live in a walled suburb like Mr. Shapiro and be transported
about in a block long limousine and consort with the beautiful people who
live inside the television as opposed to being a mere consumer of the
electronic church.

Mr. Shapiro is a vendor of euphemisms, threatening humiliation in the media
pillory or even a trip to the gulag for those not instantly down on their
knees at the threat of being labeled a "hater."

Mr Shapiro is a Hollywood border guard, guarding the wall the surrounds the
politically correct NWO global gulag just as surely as communist border
guards who did their duty at the Berlin Wall.

Mr Shapiro is a glittering example of the rewards that await clever cynics
who reject the very rhyming euphemisms he touts.

Indeed, Mr. Shapiro would be negligent in his clear duty if he emulated the
Spartans of Thermopylae. He must give the clever cynics real hope by
displaying the riches that await them in return for paying lip service his
filthy deceptions. As for the Bongonians, well, they can easily enough
deceived by unending displays of NBA stars in mink coats. The fools have no
mathematical ability and they don't realize that it's a one in infinity
chance that they will be NBA stars surrounded by a galaxy of whores and

As for me, I'm no moralist, not a Christian, and I was lucky enough to
graduate with honors from Vietnam where like the lieutenant in the Oliver
Stone's Platoon I "didn't give a flying fuck anymore." Why thanks to Vietnam
I can see humor in other scenes that others find utterly appalling.

As for our new brand of Champions who inspire young clever cynics to emulate
them in exchange for slots in walled Starbuckian suburbs I have this to say:

You have not done your military history homework, good sirs. Buying votes of
Bongonians by kicking guys like me and Steve Barry and Michael New out of
your glorious imperial army of internal occupation is not a viable strategy
in the long run.

The day will come when Bongonian rioters, egged on by your rhyming
euphemisms, will storm your walled suburbs and the imported Bongonian
minimum wage police and national guardsmen will side with them.

I intend to stay drunk until then.

It's now just past noon EST. I have been drinking for some time and I'm not
going to stop till I pass out.

I don't need no Deity, conscious or otherwise. As we international military
gentlemen say, life is a self-answering question.

California teens learn tolerance, respect

Tuesday, 19 September 2000 3:17 (ET)


LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- Emmy-winning producer Arnold Shapiro, who
presented the groundbreaking documentary "Scared Straight," is back with
another installment of his ongoing "Teen Files" series.

Shapiro says "Surviving High School" is "the most powerful 'Teen Files' of
the seven I have done."

The previous shows have dealt with subjects such as drinking, drugs,
smoking and hate, but the newest in the series takes up a subject that
Shapiro says practically every high school and junior high school student
eventually has to deal with personally -- group and individual identity and
the trouble that can develop when students fail to understand and
communicate with one another.

Shapiro says the adage, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names
will never hurt me," is "just not true."

He told United Press International, "If you are suffering depression,
eating disorders, or medicating yourself you could die -- or ruin your

Allison Grodner, who wrote and co-directed "Surviving High School," found
ample evidence of those kinds of problems at Yuba City High School, in Yuba
City, Calif., where the documentary was produced.

She filmed the experience of 11 Yuba City High students who were selected
for the program specifically because they all came from different cliques on
the campus.

They took part in seminars, field trips, outdoor adventures and encounter
groups -- all under the supervision of professional counselors.

They came out of the sessions with changed attitudes about others as well
as themselves, and went on to lead a group of 50 other students, teachers
and staff in a daylong session intended to change attitudes among a larger
segment of the campus population.

"We took 11 people," says Shapiro, "who not only didn't speak with one
another, but in many cases actually fought with one another."

The group included members of different social "castes" at the school. One
was a "cowboy" who began by saying, "We don't like skaters 'cause of the way
they dress."

He found himself working closely over a period of several days with a
group that included, among others, a skater, a freak, a preppie and a jock,
along with a scrub, a black and a Hispanic.

For most baby boomers, there may have been no more than a handful of
cliques in their high school. In 2000, cliques are proliferating like cable

What hasn't changed, says Shapiro, is that most high school students are
in one clique or another. And he says "you don't have much of a choice"
about which group you belong to.

"It's not that you can choose a group," he says. "You're forced into a
group based on things you cannot control -- race, looks, IQ -- every one of
those things is something you don't have much control over."

That sort of social fragmentation leads to fear, alienation and hostility.
Shapiro says kids go to extremes to fit in with their group, and the
extremes often lead to eating disorders, steroid use and other serious
physical and mental health problems.

According to "Surviving High School," which is scheduled to air Tuesday
night on the UPN television network, emotional and psychological pain
afflict more adolescents than ever before. Every minute in the United
States, a young person attempts suicide.

During their encounters together, the students learn about one another by
opening up to one another. Grodner says they all discover that "there's pain
not far beneath the surface of all these kids and that showed them that they
are equal."

During one encounter, a girl confronts a boy about a "rude name" he once
called her. The reminder doesn't seem to have much effect on him until she
reveals that the insult put her in a depression that lasted two years.

During a tour of San Francisco 49ers training camp in San Jose and a visit
with a fashion model in San Francisco, the group is exposed to the down side
of going to extremes to develop a socially "desirable" body type.

Niners trainer Mike Barnes tells the boys about the dangers of steroids,
and the fashion model tells the girls about her own seven-year bout with

Shapiro says students desperate to be popular only notice that the prom
queen and the football hero get more dates. But he says that system is
"based on false premises of popularity -- it's just like in Hollywood."

He says "if you could break down those prejudices in high school" young
people can enter adulthood with a greater maturity.

Of course, some students enter high school with a greater than normal
level of maturity, but Shapiro says there is no guarantee that those
students will not give in to the pressures of high school life.

"You can raise your child to accept others," he says, "but then you get
into a high school situation where there's a caste system. This system works
against that."

The 11 students were so changed by their experience that after the program
was over, their testimony persuaded the Yuba City Council to reject a
proposal to put metal detectors in schools, and to allocate funds to promote
"attitude changing" in schools.

This fall, nine of the students in the group are still attending Yuba City
High -- where they have initiated a senior-freshman mentoring program.

The experiment at Yuba City High, says Shapiro, shows that "anybody has
the potential to change destructive behavior, dangerous attitudes, negative
prejudices, and to just look at any individual as an individual."

Self-Answering Question: Argot of International Military Gentleman: A
question whose answer is embedd in the question itself. For Example. "Sarge,
why do I always get stuck with the donkey work details?" Answer: "Because
you're a donkey. Now get to digging."


Sep 20, 2000, 3:00:00 AM9/20/00
I call you white jackass.....

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