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Love of reading and writing is considered ‘White supremacy’ in majority-White school

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D. Ray

Feb 21, 2024, 11:53:33 PMFeb 21
Seattle, Washington – Students at a predominately White high school are
being taught that a love of reading and writing is “White supremacy.”
Outraged, one local father has sounded the alarm against what he calls
“educational malpractice.”

Seattle’s Lincoln High School became the center of controversy after KTTH
revealed that World Literature and Composition students had been issued
worksheets defining “9 characteristics of White supremacy.” The sheets were
issued as part of Lincoln’s celebration of “Black Lives Matter at School
Week,” which described concepts like “Worship of the Written Word” and
“Perfectionism” as indicators of being a White supremacist.

According to the educational nonprofit, GreatSchools—which tracks student
racial demographics—Lincoln’s student base is 68% White, with only 3% Black
in attendance. The school previously drew ire from parents when it was
discovered that White students were barred from attending a”Multicultural
Week” event in 2023.

The worksheets would go on to further elaborate that “Worship of the
Written Word” is White supremacy because it erases the many “diverse ways”
in which others communicate and “honor(s) only what is written and even
then only what is written to a narrow standard, full of misinformation and
lies.” The worksheet does not appear to have a source, nor does it go into
further detail.

But despite the worksheet being issued to students in a World Literature
class, wouldn’t the class qualify as “White supremacy” itself? That’s the
question one local father asked, who chose to remain anonymous out of fear
of reprisals against his child.

“I feel bad for any students who actually internalize stuff like this as it
is setting them up for failure,” said the father in an interview on KTTH’s
Jason Rantz show. “How is a 15-year-old kid supposed to object in class
when ‘denial and defensiveness’ is itself a characteristic of white
supremacy? This is truly educational malpractice.”

In addition to a love of reading and writing, the worksheet continues to
list the concepts of “Individualism,” “Perfectionism,” “Objectivity,”
“Denial and Defensiveness,” “Power Hoarding,” “The Binary,” and even “Fear”
as indicative of White supremacy. Students would then have to correctly
match the definitions to the concepts correctly in order to get a passing

It also goes on to allege that if White students become overly defensive or
deny their “innate racism,” it could stem from “entitlement” and a
perceived “right to be shielded from the stresses of antiracist work.”

In another handout, students are then asked how they can use the so-called
“13 Principals of Black Lives Matter” to “disrupt” their own White
supremacist traits. Students can accomplish this by combing through
material from Vox, Saturday Night Live, Disney, and even the anti-White
ideologue Trevor Noah.

The class would then follow up with a video titled “Getting Called Out: How
to Apologize” by Franchesca Ramsey, which teaches White students how to
deal with accusations of White Supremacy by what presumes to be Black or
non-White students.

Ramsey, a Black comedienne made famous for recording anti-White screeds on
YouTube, once claimed that objectively bigoted terms like “cracker,” “white
trash,” and “redneck” aren’t racist if used by Black people.

If the coursework is to be taken at face value, however, it would suggest
that White students are expected to acknowledge their complicity in
“racism.” According to the worksheet, if a White student expresses any
desire for independence—or shows a passion for reading and writing at
all—then they are supposed to stop and understand that these sentiments are
merely rooted in White supremacist ideology, and should stop acting
independently or loving reading and writing in the future.

“My problem with this curriculum is that this is supposed to be a writing
and literature class, and lessons like these do nothing to help my kid
become a better writer,” said the father. “Is this really the best use of
class time?”

While pushing anti-White hatred and other self-destructive ideas onto young
children is not a new concept in America, the worksheets being doled out to
students in Seattle represent only the latest attempt to do so. Commonly
referred to as “Critical Race Theory” or “CRT,” parents have begun to push
back against these curriculums in recent years.

In June of 2023, a series of heated protests and fistfights erupted outside
the Glendale Unified School District. Once described as a “battlefield,”
crowds of predominately White parents of Armenian background clashed with
members of the anti-White extremist movement, also known as “Antifa,” over
the district’s push to adopt pro-trans and other homosexual values inside
the schools.

Resistance to these types of institutional mandates can also be found in
places like Maine, which remains the Whitest state in the nation. In
January, an Iraqi DEI director from South Portland was forced to resign his
position and flee the state after a concerned citizen expressed his outrage
at a planned “bussing” scheme to break up local White schools with
non-White kids. The plan was hatched as a way to give non-White families
“access” to the benefits of homogenous White schools, which, according to
reports, were alleged to have performed better than their less-White

Anti-White hatred in schools can often result in disastrous consequences
for White students, however. In February, a group of White kids at an Ohio
elementary school were beaten, traumatized, and forced to support Black
Lives Matter during scheduled recess. The entire incident was caught on
tape and revealed a gang of Black students rounding up White kids and
forcing them onto their knees.

Violence and racial disharmony like this should not come as a shock.
According to an analysis by the White-Papers Policy Institute, American
schools have become unsafe for White children, as Black students are 85%
more likely to commit violence than their White counterparts. Additionally,
Black students are currently responsible for 72% of America’s school
shootings, an alarming phenomenon that appears to only increase in
frequency as the years go on.

With violence and indoctrination always a possibility inside America’s
public schools, parents are increasingly looking to alternative methods of
education to spare their kids from physical or mental harm. In February of
2023, a pro-White, Christian, and traditional homeschooling family made
headlines for their curriculum, which rejected many of the public school
system’s ideas and perceived failures.

For their efforts, the small-town family then became the subject of doxing,
threats of violence, harassment, and even national-level news coverage from
journalists and leftist extremists, who smeared their views as “White
supremacists.” Despite this, the family pushed back and vowed to continue
providing their kids with a wholesome education.

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