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Re: January 6, "The former president then boarded the presidential limo, known as "The Beast"..."

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Fuehrer Weber

Feb 21, 2024, 7:55:03 AMFeb 21
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Donald Trump limo video claim sparks hilarious meme fest online

An alleged video of Donald Trump in a limo recently shared by
the January 6 committee attempted to show the former president
reportedly trying to grab the steering wheel of the vehicle to
drive to the US Capitol on the day of the January 6 attack.

The claim came to light after Trump's former White House Chief
of Staff Mark Meadows’ aide Cassidy Hutchinson testified about
the matter at a recent hearing on the January 6 attack.

January 6th Committee
January 6th Committee
Today's testimony makes clear that Trump wanted to go to the
Capitol with the armed mob, despite warnings not to do so from
his advisors.

When the Secret Service ruled out the possibility, the former
President erupted in anger in the Suburban he was riding in.
She cited a story from Tony Ornato, Assistant Director of the
U.S. Secret Service Office of Training, and claimed that Trump
allegedly wanted to go to the Capitol during the riots to
“fight” against the 2020 election results and Joe Biden’s
presidential win.

The former president then boarded the presidential limo, known
as “The Beast”, with Secret Service agent Bobby Engel, and
thought they were headed to the Capitol. Hutchinson said:

“So once the President had gotten into the vehicle with Bobby,
he thought that they were going up to the Capitol.”
However, as Engel refused to head towards the building, Trump
allegedly responded angrily:

“When Bobby had relayed to him, ‘we’re not you don’t have the
assets to do it... It’s not secure. We’re going back to the West
Wing,’ the president had a very strong, very angry response to
that. Tony described him as being irate.”

Funny shit at the link.

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