Pat Robertson, Buchanan, Helms, VOTE!!!

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The Entropic one

Nov 2, 1992, 11:13:45 PM11/2/92
Tell the world what you think of the Republican party being taken
over by the two evil Pats. VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't just vote be sure that you don't let one single little mark
stray into the Republican column. Make the Republican party pay
for selling out to the radical right.

So how many people are having "Right wing fundy nutcase party going
down in flames." parties?

P.S. The elections are tomorrow!
P.P.S. 40 more minutes!

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Paula Puffer

Nov 3, 1992, 9:10:09 PM11/3/92
Thank you alan for cross posting that for me... of course now i have figured
out the method to the madness of including a file in a post so that is about
\to make my life quite a bit easier..

as i said the post that alan did for me says it all.

it's straight from the flier for the conference....
if you want me to Give the your address to the confernece organizers then
pass it on to me and i will have them send it out to you. I already have
quite a few names to give to stephen tomorrow night



Alan Smith

Nov 3, 1992, 8:11:21 PM11/3/92
Big Al's observations on the voting process:

Voting is the same format as a multiple choice test, but is much harder because
there are NO right answers.

(Yes actually I do know about the "write in" option, in fact, I used it.
It didnt help any.)

Big Al. #$@! Douglas Bruce, anyway.

John Duesenberry

Nov 4, 1992, 4:19:38 PM11/4/92
"Admittedly, Pat, Pat, and Jesse are embarrassments
to the party and with the power of the vote, hopefully will fade
away like a bad memory."Admittedly, Pat, Pat, and Jesse are embarrassments
to the party and with the power of the vote, hopefully will fade
away like a bad memory."

SURE. Pat "Himmler" Buchanon was allowed to spew his
poison in front of the convention, the media, and the
world with the full knowledge and collaboration of
your scumbag candidate George Bush along with the
rest of the party leadership, because they thought
a little race-baiting would pick up some support
from the white-trash/trailer park sector of the

Unfortunately it didn't work and your party and
candidate took the drubbing they so richly deserved.
I hugely enjoyed watching Bush eat shit last night
and I advise you to do the same.

Graham Toal

Nov 5, 1992, 7:15:14 PM11/5/92
In article <1992Nov04....@lloyd.Camex.COM> jo...@lloyd.Camex.COM (John Duesenberry) writes:

] SURE. Pat "Himmler" Buchanon was allowed to spew his

] poison in front of the convention, the media, and the
] world with the full knowledge and collaboration of
] your scumbag candidate George Bush along with the
] rest of the party leadership, because they thought
] a little race-baiting would pick up some support
] from the white-trash/trailer park sector of the
] electorate.

I passed that comment on to some of my friends in another group, and
I thought you'd like to see their comments... (The second one lives in
a trailer park by the way)

Graham, it's hypocrisy from some elitist academic who thinks it's OK to
demean and marginalize people who (a) have little influence and (b) he
disagrees with. <Just one of our dirty little secrets>. "White trash" refers
to white people with little education, low incomes, poor family values, a
tendency to illegitimacy, spouse abuse, buying too many cigarettes and lottery
tickets and too much booze. (People of color with those characteristics, on
the other hand, enjoy "protected category" status and preferential admission to
colleges.) Whether or not such people are more likely to live in trailer parks
I don't know. The comment on trailer parks is demeaning and stereotypical. In
the States, trailer parks are low cost, owner-occupied housing. Often such
parks are located in the paths of tornadoes, so residents of trailer parks get
to own their own homes at even lower prices than conventional homes, because
they bear a higher risk of damage or death from tornadoes. Poorer people
therefore live in such parks.

The comment is excessively emotional and mean, but probably not untypical of
attitudes held by many members of my country's chattering classes.


Not PC. Never was.

S says something like "...trailer parks are often located in the paths
of tornadoes". Steve, were you being facetious? Did not know one could
predict a tornado path, and can't imagine anyone deliberately building in
harm's way. Otherwise, pretty accurate profile of "trailer parks", but you
did omit one segment fairly common here in Florida. There are some rather
nice "upscale" parks with people who probably could afford much better, but
do not want to. They no longer want the expense and work involved in
maintaining a large home. Of course, cannot deny the vulnerability of
manufactured homes ....they are NOT as substantial as traditionally
constructed homes. Still you can't label many of the trailer park
inhabitants as poor, second class, under-educated, whatever. In several
parks there are mobile homes with disguised garages containing motorhomes
worth 2 to 300 thousand ....hardly poor inhabitants. I have belonged to
a number of RV clubs, with members owning very expensive rigs, but living
in modest homes...their life is no longer concerned with their fixed home,
but their mobile one!
Just a little different viewpoint.



You knew someone had to make this posting, didn't you?

In south Texas, the trailer parks are vacation havens for "Winter Texans,"
the above-average-income, but middle-to-lower-class retirees from the
midwestern United States who return here each year as soon as it gets cold
up north. Trailer parks often feature luxury mobile homes that are much
nicer than the hovels that populate the "colonias" around here. We have
some white trash parks, too--everyone does. But some of our parks are in
the <nice> part of town, and have pretty lawns, immaculately kept mobile
homes, and the most anal-retentive people you'd ever want to meet.


Kristen Kohlbecker

Nov 5, 1992, 3:36:42 PM11/5/92

Well, seeing as you are so knowledgeable (I use that term lightly), perhaps
you can explain how a 35 million vote to a 31 million vote ratio is a
DRUBBING, nor yet the ROUT and LANDSLIDE proclaimed by all but one of the
local papers? Calling it such by virtue of all-or-nothing electoral votes is
so silly, IMHO.

BTW...It's a good thing that Clinton is a far more gracious winner than would take him far more than four years to live down "I beat
yer sorry ass, you stupid fucking REPUBLICAN!" He was possibly thinking
something along those lines, but he was intelligent enough not to say it.

There's a lesson in there, somewhere...

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the troglodyte killer

Nov 6, 1992, 12:36:55 AM11/6/92

>[I] can't imagine anyone deliberately building in harm's way.

Come down to Silicon Valley sometime.. In just the past few
years, bunches of really big, expensive houses have been built in
the "Seven Springs" area.
What the (ren voice on) STOOpid EEdiots (ren voice off)
didn't realize is that the place is called "Seven Springs" because
the entire area is riddled with underground water sources.
Which means that about ten million dollar's worth of classy
housing has been built on the biggest sinkhole this side of the
rockies.. Dumb stuff happens, man. Colorado's Amendment 2 is
further proof of that..

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Mike Reaser

Nov 6, 1992, 11:40:14 AM11/6/92
In <1992Nov6.0...@news.Hawaii.Edu> (John Flanagan) writes:

>Well, I voted a straight queer-friendly ticket. Which was mostly the
>same as a straight Democratic ticket, but there was one local Democrat
>I had to vote against on those grounds (he had voted against the local
>gay rights bill last year). He won, though.

I, too, voted as John, (queer-friendly, but one non-Democratic vote),
and have apparently helped to force the state of Georgia to have an
unprecedented general-election runoff for the U.S. Senate.

The Democratic nominee, Wyche Fowler, squeaked into office six years
ago with a ton of promises to LGBO folk, but followed through on _none_
of them. As a result, there was a gay grassroots effort for "us" to
not vote for Wyche -- not necessarily vote for his main opponent (Paul
Coverdell, Peace Corps director under Bush and from the Pat-Pat wing
of the Repulbicraps) but to simply _NOT_ vote for Wyche.

Since most polls in the state showed LGB voters making up 3-4% of the
ballots cast, Wyche's failure to achieve a majority (and, yes, in a
race with >2 candidates, the winner _must_ get majority and not just
a plurality; the Presidential electors' race is the lone exception)
showed him the power of the LesBiGay vote.

Most of my friends were split on the issue -- some just didn't vote in
the Senate election at all, while others (like me) cast their ballots
for the Libertarian candidate as a protest. In either case, the Fowler
campaign is now painfully aware, because LesBiGay voters have been
calling his headquarters to explain, why he failed to capture the
election. He missed getting a majority by something like only 16,000
votes out of over 2 million cast, so our individual votes _did_ make
a difference.

The runoff election is scheduled for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.
Since it only pits the two top vote-getters (Fowler and Coverdell) I'm
not sure I'll vote, but I'm torn. I know Wyche is the typcial "Bubba"
Southern politician, but there's no way I can in good conscience allow
Coverdell to get the seat.

Oh, well, I guess I've got 2 1/2 weeks to see what "pie in the sky"
promises Wyche can concoct, or (heavens forfend!) some actual postiive
steps he might take.

Mike Reaser, Hewlett-Packard N. Amer. Response Center - Atlanta
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Nov 5, 1992, 12:27:13 PM11/5/92
jo...@lloyd.Camex.COM (John Duesenberry) writes:

....................actually, I've been in the Republican party since I
was 18. However, the last 8 years I've been sticking with the party to
vote _against_ the right wing pinheads (both in the primaries & the
general elections).

Barbara Haddad - shakala!
Shakala - (Clan Zen Radio Network) Sunnyvale, CA 1-408-734-2289

Charlie Fulton

Nov 8, 1992, 4:24:55 PM11/8/92
In article <1992Nov04....@lloyd.Camex.COM>
John Duesenberry, jo...@lloyd.Camex.COM writes:
>... because (the republican party leadership) thought
>a little race-baiting would pick up some support
>from the white-trash/trailer park sector of the

"White-trash/trailer park", huh?

Nothing like a little class-baiting to play into the
stereotype of homosexuals being uniformly
well-off and arrogant about it.

People are discriminated against and fucked over
on the basis of economic class _all the time_. And
sometimes, just sometimes, these people are smart,
talented and fair-minded.

Caste discrimination is illegal in India. Of course it
still goes on, but a class discrimination law won't ever
exist in America because, well, class boundaries don't
really exist in the land of opportunity.

This idea that all caucasian members of the lower-middle
and lower classes are sexists, racists, anti-Semites and
homophobes won't win the Cause any converts. There
are people of promise who are quite firmly kept in their
place because, for class reasons, they simply "don't
fit into" whatever improved work environment they're
striving towards.

I've come across over a dozen people who went to speech
therapists to eviscerate their regional accents so they could
more easily get ahead. Now why is this?

Not everyone who voted yes for CO:2 is a homophobe. I'm
sure many of them thought, "I'm never going to be protected
against class discrimination so why the fuck should I give
that _special privelege_ to homosexuals?"

And these people are not going to be convinced they were
wrong by being called "white trash".

Hope this helps!


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