Weekend Update & Fw: Weekly Events for April 15 - 21, 2024

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Hi All,

Weekend Update:  The Balloon Fiesta Park is OPEN this week.  BFP is CLOSED to flying this weekend.  Watch for Set-Up Teams working on D4 and Vendor's Row (Road behind the Pits).  They will be setting up for the event all day Friday.  Also read Susan's update below if you plan on going out in the afternoons this week.  There are more events scheduled then.

BFP Weekly Forecast:  Weather Underground 10 Day

Daily Reminders:  Don't forget to visibly hang your Gate Card from your rearview mirror while you are at the Park.  Check the 2 Runway Barriers/Signs for right lane position with the signs facing out to block each end of the Runway.  Do respect the Balloonists if they are up and give them full airspace.  Watch for and avoid other park users.  Refrain from flying in the airspace above them.  Remember that the airspace over the Golf Training Center (Driving Range) is a NO FLY ZONE.  Clean up your Area or Crash Site when you're finished, as well as all broken prop blades.  If you see a broken prop, even if it is not yours, please pick it up and throw it away.  Thanks.

Flight Awareness:  Stand 25' back from the Runway to allow for a Safety Margin and so all Pilots have a clear visual perspective.  All turns from the Runway shall be away from the Pits.  (Always fly to the west of the Runway over D6)  The prevailing wind directs the Flight Pattern.  (North Wind effects a Left Pattern and South Wind effects a Right Pattern at BFP)  Call out Take-Offs, Landings, and any Maneuvers that could affect another Flyer.  Use common sense if performing an unusual Flight Plan or Maneuver.  Communicate with others if flying large or fast aircraft.  Try to stay north of Key Grab (E/W road) so as not to interfere with the gliders.  Unless everyone agrees otherwise, Micros may NOT be flown in or from the pits while others are using the Runway.  Micros may use the D7 grass to the north or south of the North Blue Awning when the Runway is occupied.  Refer to Protocol.

Planes 4 Sale:  Hello Greg,  I have two FMS 850mm Ranger  R/C planes. I am sending one picture. The planes look the same and are the same. One has The Spektrum radio and the other has the new Reflex system which is an automated pilot when hands off radio controls. I want $75 each or can sell without Radio. for $50.   Richard Jacobs jacob...@gmail.com
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And...  ARCC Swap Meet: April 20, 2024
George J Maloof Memorial Air Park
Sponsored by the Albuquerque Radio Control Club.
800 ft paved runway with over runs
Expanded pit area.
Six (6) newly refurbished pilot boxes.
Bring your tables 
No fees
Starting at 7:00 am until finished.
Come sell, buy, fly.
See ARCC.CLUB for directions to the field


Greg Rullman
Duke City Electric Flyers

Hint of the Week:  Here's one that takes a little bit of practice.  Landing... and using rudder, not ailerons.

   Yes, it's hard to get in the habit.  But, a good pilot will.  And, here's why.

   If you are flaps down and flaring, the aircraft's speed is really just above the stall speed.  After all, that is kinda the point in flaring for a landing.  You want to get the wheels to touch right as the plane starts to stall.  It also helps to be wings level.

   So, think about this...  Once you turn final, when you need to correct the direction, ailerons are not the best way.  Putting one up is ok, but the inherent one that goes down can put that side of the wing right into a stall at the tip.  You just increased the incidence on that side, stalling the wing at the aileron.  The wing will drop quickly and tip damage and/or gear damage is likely to result.

   The down aileron also adds more drag to that side which is not what you want anyway.  Remember, you are nose high which means the higher the Angle of Attack (aileron low) has more drag.  You're trying to turn the other way!  This is called adverse yaw.

   The better way to hold direction on final is to stay off the ailerons and only use rudder.  The rudder not only turns the airplane in the correct direction, right now, but it also keeps the wing much more level... and manageable!  ...And, you only need a little!  Just like when you take-off, a little rudder here or there makes landing much sweeter.  In fact, I just pretend I'm coming down the Runway, steering rudder, just like when I take-off.

   Practice it with you're favorite beater first.  Don't use your good plane.  But, it's easy.  You'll be amazed and once you get it down, you'll be using the technique from then on.  Your aircraft will give you a big hug!

   See, I just like to save you your money!

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The deadline for applying to reserve practice fields for the summer months is April 19, 2024.

Please return them to bqui...@cabq.gov AND sarahg...@cabq.gov.


Criterium Bicycle Racing has begun.

  • Because the bicyclist ride on the pavement, coaches cannot park on the roads around Grass Panels D2 and D5 after 5:00pm on Tuesdays.
  • We close Grass Panels D2 and D5 on Tuesdays after 5:00pm to athletic play because we are concerned about players crossing the race course.
  • Teams that are displaced on Tuesdays after 5:00pm from grass panel D5 may move to grass panel D7;
  • Teams displaced from grass panel D2 may move to the open playing fields on Grass Panel D3 – Fields 14 & 18

Through the month of April.




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