Weekend Update & Fwd: Weekly Events for May 9 -15, 2022

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President - DCEF

May 9, 2022, 12:51:45 PMMay 9
Hi All,

Weekend Update:  The Balloon Fiesta Park is OPEN this week and Sunday.  BFP will be CLOSED to flying this Saturday.

BFP Weekly Forecast:  Weather Underground 10 Day

Daily Reminders:  Don't forget to visibly hang your Gate Card from your rearview mirror while you are at the Park.  Check the 2 new Runway Barriers/Signs for right lane position to block each end of the Runway.  Do respect the Balloonists if they are up and give them full airspace.  Watch for and avoid other park users.  Refrain from flying in the airspace above them.  Remember that the airspace over the Golf Training Center (Driving Range) is a NO FLY ZONE.  Clean up your Area or Crash Site when you're finished, as well as all broken prop blades.  If you see a broken prop, even if it is not yours, please pick it up and throw it away.  Thanks.

Flight Awareness:  Stand 25' back from the Runway to allow for a Safety Margin and so all Pilots have a clear visual perspective.  All turns from the Runway shall be away from the Pits.  (Always fly to the west of the Runway over D6)  The prevailing wind directs the Flight Pattern.  (North Wind effects a Left Pattern and South Wind effects a Right Pattern at BFP)  Call out Take-Offs, Landings, and any Maneuvers that could affect another Flyer.  Use common sense if performing an unusual Flight Plan or Maneuver.  Communicate with others if flying large or fast aircraft.  Try to stay north of Key Grab (E/W road) so as not to interfere with the gliders.  Unless everyone agrees otherwise, Micros may NOT be flown in or from the pits while others are using the Runway.  Micros may use the D7 grass to the north or south of the North Blue Awning when the Runway is occupied.  Refer to Protocol.

Duke City Electric Flyers:  The next club meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday, May 11th at the North Domingo Baca Multi-Generational Center from 7-9pm.  Address is 7521 Carmel NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113.

   All following meetings will be held at the 
NDBMGC @ 7-9pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month thru June 2022.

   Bring your newest aircraft, project, or question
 for discussion.  Remember, DCEF members get an extra discount at Hobby-Proz!  Just show your card.

   I have included the DCEF Application as a download.  Remember, you may also apply down at Hobby-Proz.  The apps are underneath the magazines.  Just fill it out and leave it and $10 with Ray or one of the guys.  They always make sure I get them every time I visit the store.

Tuskegee Airman Request:  Victor Butler is turning 100 years young.  He is one of the last remaining Tuskegee airman and has just one small request on his birthday... send him a card!  Victor W. Butler, C/O Gary Butler, PO Box 3523, Cranston, RI 02910.  Let's show Mr. Butler that we Albuquerque Flyers have his back!  Individual cards please.

Memorial Day Fly-In:  Monday, May 30th.  You can fly anything.  It does not have to be a warbird.  Altho, warbirds will have priority!  Bring your own food, drink, chairs, shade.  Remember, you must have AMA and a Gate Card to get into BFP.  Warbirds celebrating service men and women rule the day!

Drones:  I know there's probably not many of you that fly drones and get this e-mail.  If you do fly drones or know folks that do, please DO NOT fly anywhere near forest fires or any emergency type event.  Doing so is interfering with human life itself.  It may also set you up for a huge fine.  I won't go into all the different scenarios.  Just please, DO NOT fly near these events.

Cochiti:  As of now the lake is CLOSED until further notice.  The water bombers are using it to fight the local fires.  I think that would be a awesome sight in it's own right.  I believe they are still using CL-215 Scoopers up there.
CL215 43 Grupo (cropped).jpg

Greg Rullman
Duke City Electric Flyers

Hint of the Week:  You may not want to hear this.  Covid is back on the rise.  I know, masks are optional at the parks, distancing, etc.  But optional means you yourself can still take precautions.  Please be safe out there.

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