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Philipp Bayer

Aug 25, 2014, 12:35:07 AM8/25/14
Since exceptional is getting more expensive soon we switched over to self-hosted errbit on heroku:

Basti and Helge should get mail soon from me with passwords for their accounts, once I find a valid pubkey for Helge.

There are still some minor weirdnesses I might or might not iron out.

1. I set it up to send malls via info@, then the parsing jobs broke ( I think from cap deploy? Possibly symlink to the tmp-files barfing), and errbit immediately tried to send me 500 mails, so it got itself temp-banned from the gmail server - that means currently, info@ isn't sending any mails, should come back soon. I've turned  mail sending off again. If you want it, you have to log in and set yourself as a 'watcher' for the openSNP project, then enjoy getting spammed every time Redis does something weird.

2. Errbit is supposed to be notified when someone runs cap deploy, it doesn't work for some reason, but that isn't very important anyway. You'll see an error message at the end of deployment.

3. I've linked it to the GitHub repository, now it's even cooler - you can click on the offending line in the log and get transported to the line on GitHub. snazzy! In an error, you can also click on 'Open Issue' and it opens a new error (always under my user account I think):

If you want the API Key for playing around, I've added the secrets to the app_config.yml on the server.

That means we can remove the exceptional gem, and maybe the new relic one too? Does anyone except me even have access to that one?


Philipp Bayer

Aug 25, 2014, 1:06:50 AM8/25/14
Turns out, the deployment notification is run by config/initializers/airbrake.rb, which for some reason doesn't know of the first initializer 0_load_app_config.rb
If I add these two lines in 0_load_app_config.rb manually to airbrake.rb it works. not sure how to fix that right now, not very important.
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