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Helge Rausch

Aug 19, 2014, 7:25:49 AM8/19/14
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I just got the below email. TL;DR: Exceptional is being integrated into Airbrake.io. The latter is significantly more expensive, though (39$ instead of 9$). I don't know of any cheap alternative services, so we will have to use one of the self-hosted solutions, I guess. I will create a ticket.


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Bye-bye Exceptional. Hello Airbrake!


I'm excited to share some big changes, news and plans for our products. One year ago, we were acquired by Rackspace. Since then, we've continued to manage two error tracking products. In the last year our team has dedicated most time invested in scaling and growing the Airbrake.io product. This email marks the beginning of the decommission of the Exceptional error tracking product and migration to Airbrake.io.

As an active Exceptional users we're sending this out to you first. We're sending it out in batches so if this doesn't make sense or you have feedback please send it so we can seamlessly migrate all of our customers.

What does this mean for you?

You can start using Airbrake immediately; simply login to Airbrake.io with your Exceptional Credentials.

  1. We have imported your projects and their users
  2. We are automatically forwarding errors you send to Exceptional, to Airbrake. This means you do not need to update your applications. We will continue to do this until November 1st. However, we recommend migrating your notifiers to Airbrake to take advantage of all of Airbrake's features. You can see a list of client libraries at the bottom of this email
  3. We haven’t migrated credit card details; your Exceptional subscription will remain until November 1st, or you can cancel it at any time
  4. You can log into both Airbrake.io and Exceptional.io until November 1st and both apps will have the same data
  5. To receive notifications from Airbrake, you will need to unmute them. You can do this by clicking on this link: https://airbrake.io/notifications/unmute

What will happen to Exceptional?

Exceptional will continue to exist as a parent brand for our collection of tools to help you build better applications. You can get a taste for what we are doing at our updated homepage at http://new.exceptional.io .

What will happen to Errors sent to Exceptional API?

If you have Exceptional configured correctly, you'll be receiving errors in both Exceptional and Airbrake until November 1st 2014. During this time we recommend you update your applications to use the Airbrake notifier instead. You can see a list of client libraries below.

Changing from Exceptional to Airbrake Notifier Libaries.

We have many official and unofficial client libraries which will make this an easy transition for you:


We will cancel all Exceptional billing plans on your behalf on November 1st 2014, after this you'll need to setup a billing account with Airbrake.io.

More FAQ
If we still didn't answer your questions, please check the FAQ on our blog, call us on (888) 317-4520 or e-mail sup...@exceptional.io.

Heroku user?
If you used to use the Exceptional addon via Heroku you'll be no longer able to access the dashboard via the CLI or Heroku. Instead you'll be able to login to Airbrake which will have a copy of your Exceptional errors. You will first need to reset your password using your Heroku account email. You can do this here.

Regards and Thanks, Ben Arent and all of the Exceptional team.

Thank you for bring our customer; we hope to deliver an Exceptional service into the future.

This is an important message. Unsubscribe if you like to live dangerously.

Airbrake.io an app of Exceptional. Built by Rackspace.

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