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Mark Carlson

Apr 1, 2014, 7:19:19 PM4/1/14
Cloud Storage Folks,

The SNIA is moving to make CDMI version 1.1 (latest draft) an official SNIA Architecture Standard (SNIA Technical Position) prior to submission to JTC 1.

CDMI has been evolving organically by publishing extensions to the previous version and encouraging folks to implement that functionality before incorporating into the next version of CDMI.

For any extension that has been implemented interoperably (usually plugfest testing) by two or more implementers, we have Integrated that extension into the latest draft of CDMI.

For any extension that has been implemented by a single implementer, we have attached the extension as an Annex in the latest draft. We also include the implementers name (below) as we know it.

For the remaining extensions, they are listed below as Stand-alone and can be accessed via the web site (but are not part of CDMI 1.1 at this point).

       Stand-alone - CIMI Extension v1.0f.pdf
Stand-alone - Copy Range Extension v1.0c.pdf
Stand-alone - Data Affinity Extension v1.0b.pdf
Integrated - Domain Auth Methods Extension v1.0b.pdf
Annex (Mezeo) - Domain Summary Extension for Bandwidth v1.0b.pdf
Annex (Mezeo) - Expiring ACE Extension v1.0b.pdf
Stand-alone - Fixity Metadata Extension 1.0c.pdf
Annex (NetApp) - Group Storage System Metadata Extension v1.0b.pdf
Stand-alone - Header-based Metadata CDMI Extension 1.0e
Stand-alone - Immediate Query CDMI Extension 1.0c
Stand-alone - Jobs Extension v1.0o.pdf
Stand-alone - JSON Transfer Encoding CDMI Extension 1.0e
Stand-alone - LTFS Export Extension 1.0c
Stand-alone - Maximum Value Transfered Extension v1.0b.pdf
Integrated - Multi-part MIME Extension v1.0g.pdf
Stand-alone - OVF Extension v1.0g.pdf
Stand-alone - Partial Upload CDMI Extension 1.0d
       Annex (NetApp) - Versioning CDMI Extension v1.0g.pdf

What we need from you is: any information you have with respect to implementations of the above extensions that we have not yet taken into account.

If you have implemented an extension with the status of Annex or Stand-alone above, please let us know by emailing with the Subject: " CDMI Extension Implementation".  Please let us know this info As Soon As Possible so that we can include the extension in the CDMI 1.1 release.

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