CRC-16 in ObjectID: input parameter for check=0xBB3D

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May 16, 2014, 10:50:54 AM5/16/14

This isn't a real problem, but I had noticed in the ISO/IEC 17826 "Information Technology - Cloud Data Management Interface" (First edition 2012-11-15 in English) documentation on page 32 some weeks ago that a hint is missing.

The page describes how to build the ObjectID. And it also tells the parameters for the CRC-16 algorithm.
Since I didn't know all CRC-16 algorithms before, it took me a bit to find out that check=0xBB3D is the result for the input String parameter "123456789". Because 0xBB3D was an output for an unknown input for me first.
It took me a while to find that input information ("123456789") at the end of Chapter 12 of ISO/IEC only refers to Chapter 16 here.

Just for info, in case that other have to fight with the same problem sometime.
Sorry if I didn't tell it earlier, but I just remembered it.

Thanks, Jana

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