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Oct 3, 2009, 6:29:19 AM10/3/09
to Snarf's Pathfinder RPG Character Sheet
Hi, everyone:

Thanks for viewing my group page.

The purpose of this group, at least for now, is just to host an Excel-
based character sheet I've created for the Pathfinder RPG and
hopefully get some feedback. (I plan to use the group to discuss and
release upgrades to the sheet, and I'm already thinking about other
tools to build for GMs and players.)

Presently, the rules used by the sheet are limited to those found in
the Core Rulebook, but the sheet has been set up so it can be
customized and expanded to fit the addition of new rules as well as
house rules.

The file is an Excel template that uses hundreds of variables and
formulas to automatically calculate as much of your character's
information as possible. If you start with ability scores, class,
level and race, much of the rest of the sheet should fill in for your

There are dropdown menus for weapons, armor and feats. Where possible,
feats, racial abilities and class abilities have been factored into
all calculations. Comments have been added to auto-calculating cells
so you can see exactly factors are being included.

Enjoy! And please let me know if you have any suggestions or believe
something is not working properly.

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