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Haniel Barbosa

Aug 10, 2022, 9:56:19 AM8/10/22
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The results of SMT-COMP are online: https://smt-comp.github.io/2022

At FLoC we had special prizes awarded to some of the global rankings,
as part of the FLoC olympic games. The winners of the FLoC medals were:

- cvc5: gold for Biggest Lead Single Query, gold for Largest
Contribution Single Query, gold for Largest Contribution Incremental

- Z3++: gold for Biggest Lead Model Validation, gold for Largest
Contribution Model Validation

- smtinterpol: gold for Biggest Lead Incremental

- Bitwuzla: silver for Biggest Lead Single Query

- YicesQS: silver for Largest Contribution Single Query

For those at FLoC, there will be a presentation tomorrow of the
results at the SMT workshop, 4pm local time.

As for the proof exhibition track, we had planned an initial
qualitative assessment to be made at the workshop and a more in-depth
one afterwards (together with an external jury). However the proof job
only finished last week and it was 830gb in size, so we did not really
have time to perceive much yet. :)

Haniel Barbosa
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