Problem with switch modules after the config crash

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Marek T.

Mar 10, 2021, 5:13:22 PM3/10/21
to Smoothieware Support


I'm facing with very odd problem (for me at least). I've fought with this half of the day to day and gave up ending with no more ideas what to do.

My board (original Smoothieboard v.1) has worked since almost two years without the problem. Today I had to change soft limit parameter and put into the slot a SD card with not finished saving probably (withoutnot safe remove). And my switch modules has stopped to work. And they still don't work after loading config copy (I had it saved).
Stopped to work means their out ports (P2.4-2.5) are like burnt, always in the low state and ignoring their config data. Don't react for input pin, don't react for control gcodes.
I tried:
- change initial behaviour from true to false - port always in low
-  redirected output port 2.5 to another - new port doesn't work, old port stil in low state
- reflash the firmware
- format SD and rewrite the config from the begining.

At the same time, other parameters of config work properly. So it does not look like slot or card issue. If I change homing directon - it works. The same steps per mm. Everything but switch modules.

Finally I thought the ports are burnt, no reason why as nothing electrically has happened, but everything's possible... But, if I press ISP switch and turn on the power - these damned ports are high! Then after the restart they again go to low state. So they work properly.

No idea what to do any more. Any advise???

Marek T.

Mar 10, 2021, 5:19:14 PM3/10/21
to Smoothieware Support
Attaching two configs. has worked for years. - after the crash and defeat with "original" config restoring I have extracted switches to the separated file to make changes only there and focusing on one port 2.5 only.


Mar 14, 2021, 5:37:47 AM3/14/21
to Smoothieware Support
port P2.5 is usually the bed heater and on one of the big mosfets.

Check your config file is not too big. hook up the ftdi to the uart port when you boot and see if you get any error messages about config file errors.

Дмитрий Орлов

Mar 16, 2021, 5:22:14 AM3/16/21
I would try to do the following:
1) took a new MicroSD card and would format it;
2) Only minimal config.txt (without the presence of Firmware and other files) would be posted on this card. I would describe in this config.txt only one switch over port 2.4 with the command control (s. How it is described, for example, for the part fan, GCode M106 / M107). After that, sending commands from the terminal made sure that MOSFET and SWITCH work correctly.
3) Added this correctly working description SWITCH 2.4 directly to your "Today", and remove the include external files from it. After that, sending commands from the terminal made sure that MOSFET and SWITCH work correctly.
4) Replaced in the resulting config.txt file Description Switch 2.4 to the most necessary for you. At some point, Switch 2.4, apparently, will cease to be processed correctly. It is necessary to understand which moment.

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