Proble adding probe strategy smoothi fail on startup

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Moi Toi

May 3, 2020, 10:42:30 AM5/3/20
to Smoothieware Support

I try to add a rectangular (try also with 3 point) to my working configuration, allways at startup the smoothie fail with :
led1 on
led2 off
led3 off
led4 on
led5 on
led6 off

I use latest firmware edge

try with

#leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.enable               true
#leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.x_size               100
#leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.y_size               100
#leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.size                 4
#leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.human_readable        true
##leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.do_home              true
##leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.probe_offsets        0,0,0                 false
#leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.initial_height       10
##leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.before_probe_gcode   M280
##leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.after_probe_gcode    M281

# Levelling strategy
# Example for 3-point levelling strategy, see wiki documentation for other strategies
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.enable         true        # a leveling strategy that probes three points to define a plane and keeps the Z parallel to that plane
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.point1         100.0,0.0   # the first probe point (x,y) optional may be defined with M557
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.point2         200.0,200.0 # the second probe point (x,y)
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.point3         0.0,200.0   # the third probe point (x,y)
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.home_first     true        # home the XY axis before probing
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.tolerance      0.03        # the probe tolerance in mm, anything less that this will be ignored, default is 0.03mm
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.probe_offsets  0,0,0       # the probe offsets from nozzle, must be x,y,z, default is no offset
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.save_plane     false       # set to true to allow the bed plane to be saved with M500 default is false

Regarding to this i found something strange sometime the wiki use :

leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.do_home              true
and for other 
leveling-strategy.three-point-leveling.home_first     true        # home the XY axis before probing

Can you help ? i don't understand what append, commenting the strategy and config work fine.


Moi Toi

May 3, 2020, 10:46:29 AM5/3/20
to Smoothieware Support

Moi Toi

May 3, 2020, 5:12:07 PM5/3/20
to Smoothieware Support
I have found the proble is from :
on_boot_gcode      /sd/bootclearG92-1.g

call this inside script, work fine withour bed levelling and scrash smoothie if you try to add leveling-strategy

M504 g92

Moi Toi

May 3, 2020, 5:29:06 PM5/3/20
to Smoothieware Support
startup fail with the M504 g92 in the startup gcode

1 using edge firmware from github + leveling strategy
2 using edge self compiled firmware with and without leveling strategy



May 4, 2020, 6:15:35 PM5/4/20
to Smoothieware Support
You can't call M504 or anything that will read the sdcard from the on boot. it will run out of memory that is why it crashes.

Moi Toi

May 4, 2020, 6:25:16 PM5/4/20
to Smoothieware Support
Thanks for reply, so how to reset the G92 override at startup ?
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