BLTouch connection on 5XC board - PWM pins question

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Natalia Gonzalez Trajtman

Apr 30, 2018, 4:03:51 PM4/30/18
to Smoothie-Dev
Hi there!

I surf all the site and web looking for bltouch connection on 5xc smoothie as following bltouch web connection chart and info on smoothieware web, my bltouch was not working, doing self test but not moving when sending M280 codes from pronterface.
I connected to pin 1.23 as everybody said but no movements achieved. 
I found a page ( saying that PWM pins available on 5xc are just 5 (1.23 is not listed there for my version), 2 of them already used by lcd board, 3 for leds. Before soldering the bltouch cable there, is it OK to use led pins? what am I loosing if I use one of this pins, or in other words which leds are we talking about and why are they important to consider if I want to loss one?

It´s incredible that no webpage, neither Antclabs or smoothie are saying this on the endstops chapter to clarify boards...Why 5xc that should be the full version has less pwm pins?

Please guide me if I´m going to do the right thing or how to connect the orange-yellow wire of bltouch to your board to have pwm. I´m searching for months.


Arthur Wolf

Apr 30, 2018, 5:30:25 PM4/30/18
to Natalia Gonzalez Trajtman, Smoothie-Dev
there is an option to disable the 4 main leds ( see the listing of all possible options. it's something like "disable_leds" ). if you set that to true, you'll be able to use the led pins as your pwm pins.
5XC was designed before bltouch and other "pwm-requiring" probes came out, when pwm was less important, so we used 1.23 for the extra mosfet, and didn't realize at the time we were loosing a pwm pin. but you can use the led pins.

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