Polar Arm Solution - Double Plate

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Nov 28, 2017, 12:04:57 AM11/28/17
to Smoothie-Dev

Was woking in the last year and more on a double polar coordinates CNC milling machine and need help in writing the arm solution for it.
Built so far a functioning 1st prototype which work quite nicely (99% precision) and can be seen on YouTube:

Currently I'm tricking the machine to think it is a simple cartesian machine by translating my path coordinate with a very large excel table, which make for a very inefficent work flow.

I have worked the math necessary to translate the cartesian to polar transition but have no C++ knowledge to add it to the Smoothie Arm Solutions.

Main feature of this machine configuration is that all motors as well as the router are stationary thus simpliyfing the machine construction and allowing for a larger router then will be possible with a hobby CNC. Additional advantage I didn't implemented yet is much easier dust collection as the vacuum head doesn't have to follow the cutter.

Appreciate any help.

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