Anyone used AMIS30543 stepper driver with load angle feedback?

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Mikael Bohman

Jul 2, 2017, 9:01:51 PM7/2/17
to Smoothie-Dev
I have got a AMIS-30543 stepper driver. I have forked the Smoothieware and I'm currently writing a smoothie driver to handle the SPI communication beyond the existing TMC26X & DRV8711 to get it running.

The main reason than I bought one of this is the Speed and Load Angle Output. 
If possible I would like to connect the load angle output to the ADC of Smoothie.
The ADC should be triggered to sample at every stepper-step. 

The objective is to apply some sort of (DSP based) load angle feedback, so that the acceleration slows down in the stepper module if the load angle gets too aggressive and risks to step over. Also to reduce the coil currents when idle and when non external large torque is acting on the stepper. Another approach is to try and run the stepper at a constant load-angle instead of following an acceleration target curve, but I do not know so much about it yet.

  • Has anyone played with it?
  • Is load angle feedback already implemented in some branch of the code ?

If not
  • I'm new to the Coretx-M3 NVIC. Which priority levels can I typically use for my own routines without interfering with real time requirements of other components?
  • Is their maybe already smoothie code for using the ADC to other things than temperature readings?
  • How many MIPS is available before critical processes will be starved out of CPU time ? (If applicable)


Jul 24, 2017, 7:51:57 AM7/24/17
to Smoothie-Dev
Very interesting
but I think stepper rate is to high for every step  ADC triggering. You need external board with fast ADC.
Optical encoders is alternative aproach

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