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Andreas Auras

Jul 12, 2021, 11:04:11 AMJul 12
to Smooks Users

with the introduction of version 2 of smooks there have been changes to use standard java annotation classes for DI like javax.annotation.PostConstruct instead of smooks specific classes like in previous versions of smooks.

But these annotations are not used in smooks as specified by the official documentation of these classes. Within smooks this seems not to be an issue.

I am using smooks currently inside a war application module that is executed by the payara server platform. I liked to include the smooks librarys in the war file for easy maintenance.
Unfortionally payara does checks upon the usage of DI annotation and fails to load the smooks libraries because of violation of specs.

I have a work around for it. Instead of including in war i deployed the libs as domain wide shared libs. Payara does no checks in these locations.
But this gives a burden on maintenance because exchanging domain wide libs involves server restarts.

I would be nice if this issue could be fixed in smooks.

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