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Karl Schopmeyer

Apr 11, 2018, 5:35:46 PM4/11/18
to SMI-S Developers Group
11 April 2018

The pywbem team today released a new version of pywbem (pywbem version 0.12.1).
This release is now available on both github(release tag 0.12.1, branch
stable_0.12) and the Python Pypi package repository.

This release includes a significant number of enhancements and bug fixes in more
than 140 github issues (bugs, enhancements, etc.) and over over 200 pull

A detailed list of changes can be viewed in the change log on the pywbem
web page:

The full documentation for this pywbem release is located at:

Some of the major changes include (see the change log for details):

1. Finalized several components that were experimental in previous releases
including the WBEMConnection iter... methods and time statistics.

2. Added methods to process the wbem uri defined in DMTF specification
DSP0205 to create CIMInstanceName elements from the uri, create the url format
as output of CIMInstanceName,

3. Significant cleanup to the cim objects (CIMClass, etc.) including improving
documentation, clarification, improved validation of the constructor properties,
repacing public attributes in all cim objects with properties with getter
and setter methods. Note that the changes are backward compatible but do test
for input parameter errors that were previously ignored. Invalid constructor
parameters that were previously accepted but with invalid parameters may now
fail. We encourage users to review the detailed change log to better understand
the exact set of changes.

4. Added support for properly hashing cim objects to allow improved object
comparisons. This can be a significant performance improvement in comparing
CIM objects

5. Extended capabilities of the 'ValueMapping' class and made it more more
accessible to users by moving it to a separate module with its own

6. Added the capability to mock a WBEM server as a pywbem subpackage so that
both pywbem and pywbem users can create meaningful function test environments
without requiring that a WBEM server be present for the test.

7 Revamped the configuration of the pywbem logger capability to make it more
usable and more consistent with the best practices for python libraries and
infrastructure components.

8. Improved error handling both for the CIM objects and for http exceptions.

9. Significant overall improvement in the pywbem documentation that is
available on ReadTheDocs.

10. Fixed several newly found incompatibilities with the DMTF specifications
mostly in boundary conditons of the XML handler and mof_compiler. We are also
filing several issues with the DMTF on problems we noted with the specifications
as part of this effort.

With this release we are approaching the version 1.0.0 major release. We
have concluded that we will have one more release (0.13.0) before version
1.0.0 largely to finalize some of the newer functionality, remove unresolved
bugs and improve test coverage.

The pywbem team
Karl Schopmeyer
email: k.schopmeyer@xxxxxxxxxx, k.schopmeyer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
tel: 972-814-5581
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