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Janko Mivšek

May 27, 2013, 3:55:33 PM5/27/13
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Dear students,

Google just announced 13 projects to get this year GSoC stipendiums:

Student / Project  / Mentor

  1. Benjamin Van Ryseghem    Spec platform/framework Independence    Esteban Lorenzano
  2. Carla Griggio                      Mars 1.0                                                Esteban Lorenzano
  3. Clara Allende                      Debugger Improvements                         Andrei Chis
  4. Daniel Aviv                          Graph-ET                                              Alexandre Bergel
  5. Erwan Douaille                    UIPainter                                              Esteban Lorenzano
  6. Gisela Decuzzi                    Better rewriting rule tool                         stephane.ducasse
  7. Mariano Vicente                  Animation Library based on Athens         Pablo Tesone
  8. Mathieu Dehouck                 Improving Roassal Scalability                 Vanessa Peña-Araya
  9. Matthias Springer                Athens implementation in Amber with HTML5 Canvas    Nicolas Petton
  10. Natalia Moskovchuk             SciSmalltalk - Solving Ordinary Differential Equations in Smalltalk    SergeStinckwich
  11. Rocio Amaya                      DBXTalk on NativeBoost                         Guillermo Polito
  12. Rustem Khubvatov               Tools for developing Amber web clients from Pharo    Dennis Schetinin
  13. Sebastian Tleye                  A new trait implementation                      Damien Cassou

But we added also 4 extra projects:

  1. FAST Java Model by Benjamin Arezki, mentor Nicolas Anquetil,
  2. Gadget profiler by Alejandro Infante, mentor Juan Pablo Sandoval,
  3. Phratch, a port of Scratch to Pharo 2.0 by Jean-Baptiste Beuzelin, mentor Jannik Laval,
  4. Roassal in Amber by Pablo Estefó, mentor Alexandre Bergel.

Congratulations to accepted students, but congratulations to all others who were not accepted that time. Thanks for your effort and stay tuned with us in the future as well!

Best regards

Janko Mivšek
Smalltalk GSoC Admin Team
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