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Stéphane Ducasse

May 1, 2013, 6:50:47 AM5/1/13
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What is really important is that all the smart students should get some money and help the community to grow and get better.
I will propose to the esug board to support (up to the reasonable) projects that would not be funded by google with the money 
we got from previous year mentors.
So this is important that all the students register and write their proposals.


Dear mentors,

Not to squeezing their time to write a proposal please invite the students you think they are good enough for your porject as soon as possible.

To repeat the invitation steps:
  1. go to your project page on,
  2. click button Invite and select one student or two,
  3. don't change your invitation until really necessary.
Notify them by email that they are invited and to hurry up writing a proposal. They must write first on our website, then register on and copy proposal there in following format:
  • project page from our website
  • student proposal from our website
  • student biography from our website
Deadline for students to write a proposal and copy it on Google-melange website is this Friday at 19 UTC!

Dear students,

Your proposals are nicely coming on our special GSoC website, but after being invited and writing it on our website, you need to copy it on official Google GSoC website too!  That site is called Google-melange

  1. Go to and click Students apply, Register
  2. Fulfill a form there
  3. Open a proposal
  4. Copy in following order:
  • project page from our website
  • your proposal from our website
  • your biography from our website
Please do that immediately, even that it won't be complete yet. You have a time to improve it until adeadline in Friday at 19 UTC. That way you won't miss that deadline for sure. Beware that missing a GSoC deadline is a fatal mistake, there is no excuse to rescue you from it!

Best regards

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