Channel name for span name in the AMQP Connector tracing

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Petar Gadjev

Sep 20, 2021, 4:52:39 AM9/20/21
to SmallRye


Is it possible to use SmallRye Reactive Messaging channel name for the span names instead of AMQP address of the messages when building spans in the AMQP Connector?

There are couple of issues with using the message actual address:

  • Loss of visibility which channel produced that span
  • In some cases a single channel can consume messages from hundreds of addresses (for example you bind the channel to Solace Pub/Sub Queue which is subscribed to many topics; Topic names follow hierarchy rules, providing you ways to filter messages)

The change could easily be implemented since in both AmqpConnector and AmqpCreditBasedSender there’s the channel name in the context. I would love to provide a PR for this change as long as you think it would make sense.

Kind regards

Ken Finnigan

Sep 22, 2021, 10:06:38 AM9/22/21
to SmallRye
The current naming of spans and their attributes is based on what OpenTelemetry defines:

There is currently work ongoing to define a stable version of the conventions in the OpenTelemetry community.

Would such a change be beneficial to Kafka and other "back ends", or does it only apply to AMQP?


Petar Gadjev

Oct 12, 2021, 2:11:30 AM10/12/21
to SmallRye

Sorry for the late reply.

Such a change would not be beneficial to Kafka as there is no concept of subscription to many topics. Our use case is particularly with Solace Pub/Sub over AMQP (one inbound channel receiving messages from a queue which has subscription for different topics).


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