Version 3.06.08 and lot of changes

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Maxim Feoktistov

Dec 12, 2019, 12:25:01 PM12/12/19
to Small HTTP server

    Hello,  friends!

For several years I did not develop the project, and then did not post information about updates to this group, but now is the time to fix it.

Now the version 3.06.08 is ready.
+ FTP UTF-8 support has been added.
+ An attempt has been made to fix problems sometimes encountered when running the Openssl library. Also (seclib with openssl-1.02t) has ben updated.
[16.11.19] Version 3.06.07
+ EDNS support has been added to DNS server.
+ Now DNS server enlarge TTL IP packet header field for DNS UDP packet.
+ Linux version change TOS IP field of DNS UDP packets.
+ Country code info has been added to Current state page.
+ Now request /$_ip2country_$?l=h support variable 'l=' that may be 'h' - for html reply, 'j' - for javascript reply, and any other value for just text reply.
[31.10.19] Version 3.06.06
+ Now country code shown for each IP address in statistics (if IP-country base loaded)
+ Now the HTTP server can support '/$_ip2country_$?ip=' request to return the country of the specified IP address.
* Another little changes.
[29.10.19] Created new IP-country base
Software77 is no longer support their free IP base, and now I try to make base by my own method. This base has been created from Ripe, Arin, Lacnic, Apnic and Afrinic public bases...
[14.10.19] Version 3.06.05
+ Support for CAA record and corresponding request has been added to DNS server.
+ Changes in the DNS server: Now if there is a record in the host definition file for a domain using a template and there is a record without a template that matches the template, then only the record without the template will be returned. (Excluding AXFR request)
+/- Other little changes.

The SECLIB library (for Windows) to support encrypted SSL/TLS connections has been updated. Now it is built with OpenSSL 1.02 and it also has version 1.02. A similar library for Linux has also been rebuilt. It is part of the Linux archive, does not include any specific version of OpenSLL, but dynamically connects the library installed on the computer.
Both versions of the library has been tested with help free certificates from

[04.10.19] Version 3.06.04
- In the web interface has been fixed a bug with the list file editing page and the host definition file editing page
+ Now when using "Daily log" , when one year passed, and file of previous year is present, the server will be automatically move old file to the subdirectory named as the year number.
[24.09.19] Version 3.06.03

After long pause... a lot of new changes:
Now the program is full free! And more, it will be OpenSource under GPL License. Now the source is not ready for publication yet, does not cleaned of old comented part of code, etc, but it will be ready soon...
+ Now support of separated loadable language pack file has been added. This give possibility to make any localisation of the program. The language file named 'shs_lang.cfg'. The file is the same for Windows and for Linux versions. If this file is placed in the same directory where placed configuration file, the program load strings from this file. If the file for your language is not precent there, then you can make it yourself, just translate the file from some other language. If you do it, then you may send me the result, it will be including in the next packages and it will be a vailable for download on the site. File format description precent in the lang_notes.txt.
+ For HTTP, Proxy and web-mail support of two variant of MD5 Digest authorization (RFC2069/RFC2617) has been added, but this authorization method is posibly only in case when the server know original passwords, when these stored in config file.
+ If somebody don't want to store the password in the config, and also don't want that it transfer by network from the user, that want to use MD5 Digest authorization, now the program can store MD5 Digest of the password instead the password in RFC2069/RFC2617 format.
+ APOP authorization method has been added to POP3 server. But, it also will be posibly only in case when the server know original passwords, when these stored in config. And in this case passwords stored in MD5 Digest format will not work.
+ For ARM version telnet server has been added. (For other platforms this is hardly relevant)
+ To the table of state DHTP, for each IP address date and time of last access has been added.
+/- Lot of other big and small changes...

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