Version 3.06.12 of Small HTTP server has been created

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Maxim Feoktistov

Mar 16, 2020, 8:21:13 AM3/16/20
to Small HTTP server

  Hello,  Friends!

 New  version  3.06.12 of  Small HTTP server is ready.

+ Slave mode for DNS server has been added. To the host definition file added the tag $SLAVE:
$SLAVE <domain-name> <ip-address-of-master> [<filename>]   -- to work as slave DNS server for this domain. The server will be download full domain from master.

+ UTF-8 support for filenames has been added to HTTP.

+ Now, optionally, the log window in version for Windows may be converted to unicode to correct show non-ansi characters in FTP requests.

* Now limits for network always calculated for /24 networks independent of the class of IP.

+ Now command line also understand keys '--v' -- to print version, '--h' or '--?' for help, '--c config_file' for load this config_file instead default.

* Other little changes.

Some antivirus programs persistently identify the Windows version of the Small HTTP server as a virus. I do not know exactly why this is happening, but I can suggest several reasons. One possible reason is that it have original executable file format. I create Windows version executables using my own MKPE for DJGPP package, which I wrote many years ago. Indeed, the format of my PE .exe file is somewhat different from the usual one, however, it is understood by all versions of Windows and has several advantages, but it is probably what antiviruses don't like. The second possible reason is that executable files are packed, and even (oh, horror!) by my own non-standard archiver, which unpacks them on the fly before run. Probably, is too difficult for antiviruses to unpacking them. Well, the third reason, it is possible that this is a server, including a mail server, and the installer has functions to add the program to startup or install it as a service, and such functionality looks extremely suspicious ... I can do nothing with the third reason, but I can try to remove the first two by rebuilding the program using the MinGW compiler (Minimalist GNU for Windows) and not packing it. Actually, I present this package in addition to the package that build with DJGPP .

And announce for version 3.06.13 -- I hope there will be added TLS for FTP  support (rfc4217). You may try the test version with this feature, -- it is ready too.

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