Version 3.05.79 of Small HTTP server has been created

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Aug 13, 2008, 6:21:10 PM8/13/08
to Small HTTP server
Available here:

For Windows (138Kb) MD5(shttp3.exe) =
For Linux (124Kb) MD5(shttplnx.tgz) =

What new:

Version 3.05.79:
+/- Little changes in FTP and Web administration.

Version 3.05.78:
+ New anti-spam futures has been added to SMTP server. Now users may
add DNSBL servers to check incoming to they personal 'badlist' and
'graylist' files and DNSWL servers to personal 'goodlist' file. To use
this futures add line:
?? dnsbl1.server dnsbl2.server ...
to list file.
+/- Other little changes

Version 3.05.77:
+ Webmail has been integrated. If Web Mail enabled in settings, the
users that have POP3 access may use it by$_wmail_$
Web mail avilable only from IP addresses from POP3 range.
+ New feature has been added to DNS server, now it may check a
service on remote host and if the service down, change one IP address
to other: $IF_DOWN directives now understand in host definition file.
Format of dirictive:
$IF_DOWN host:port interval Old.IP=New.IP
-- By this option server will try to connect to the host:port for time
interval (in seconds), and if fail in each record with Old.IP it will
be replacing to New.IP.
+ Web administration has been updated. Now you may edit host
definition file, the lists, anti-virus file from administration
+ Possibility to bind to directed adapters (IP addresses) only has
been added.
+/- Many other...

Version 3.05.76
+ To DNS server has been added option "Don't try to recursive find
AAAA records. (for networks that don't use Internet through IPv6)"
+/- Little changes in FTP and SMTP
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