Version 3.06.21 of Small HTTP server has been created

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Maxim Feoktistov

Aug 7, 2021, 5:47:16 AM8/7/21
to Small HTTP server
Hello,  Friends!

In fact, new versions of Small HTTP server continue to be released, I keep forgetting to do this mailing ... Now I am correcting myself, just for three versions ...

[29.07.21] Version 3.06.21
+ Added separate logs for each server. (optional)
+ Added the ability to disable the output of the standard error stream from the CGI to the user and the ability to duplicate this stream (stderr) to the http.err log
+ Added detection of duplicate DNS log entries which can significantly shorten this log.
+ Added DNS DoS attack detection by predefined names.
* Several bugs fixed, other minor changes.

[08.02.21] Version 3.06.20
+ Added the ability to disable error stream output (STDERR) from CGI to users.
- Fixed a serious bug in the DNS server that occurred when a CNAME record was found in responses to recursive queries.
- Fixed bug in web administration (error in displaying lists)

[12.12.20] Version 3.06.19
- Fixed serious errors in the DNS server.
* Many small changes.
! I publish the source code ... I really wanted to bring the source code to a decent look before publishing, remove unnecessary things, insert comments somewhere, make a more universal configuration script, and gradually, albeit slowly, I did this work ... However, it just so happened that now I am sick with COVID. I’m not sure if I can finish what I started, and if I don’t post it now, I don’t know if I can ever do it again ... So I post it like this ...

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