slidee width when frame contained inside table>tr>td

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Aug 7, 2018, 11:44:49 PM8/7/18
to Sly.js
Hi, ive spent some time trying to fix this already, looked through forum did find 2 posts vaguely similar, but neither offered any solution

#1 wants to scroll table, not what im doing:

#2 maybe saw similar/same issue, but didnt provide detail enough to help him or me:

My Fiddle:

Whats happening is my FRAME is inside of a table, that cant change as its actually nested table forum site, though i can tweak the rules for immediate parent table any way i want

The SLIDEE width is being set to fit all its children, distorting the layout of my site (as that expands the width of all parent TD up the nested hierarchy) and causing an external scroll bar to appear.

I cant apply a fixed width to any level (though doing that with `500px` and similar solved this) as its all setup as a responsive website.

If there is a way to properly calculate the true 100% width for SLIDEE please let me know, or any other workaround around that works with it being inside at least one table, because as i said its a nested table website and i cant change that (though the most immediate table holds just this, so i can break it any way i want)


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