[slurm-users] Inconsistencies in CPU time Reporting by sreport and sacct Tools

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Apr 17, 2024, 7:58:32 AMApr 17
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I wish to ascertain the CPU core time utilized by user dj1 and dj. I have tested with sreport cluster UserUtilizationByAccount, sreport job SizesByAccount, and sacct. It appears that sreport cluster UserUtilizationByAccount displays the total core hours used by the entire account, rather than the individual user's cpu time. Here are the specifics:

Users dj and dj1 are both under the account mehpc.

In 2024-04-12 ~ 2024-04-15, dj1 used approximately 10 minutes of core time, while dj used about 4 minutes. However, "sreport Cluster UserUtilizationByAccount user=dj1 start=2024-04-12 end=2024-04-15" shows 14 minutes of usage. Similarly, "sreport job SizesByAccount Users=dj start=2024-04-12 end=2024-04-15" hows about 14 minutes.
Using "sreport job SizesByAccount Users=dj1 start=2024-04-12 end=2024-04-15" or "sacct -u dj1 -S 2024-04-12 -E 2024-04-15 -o "jobid,partition,account,user,alloccpus,cputimeraw,state,workdir%60" -X |awk 'BEGIN{total=0}{total+=$6}END{print total}'" yields the accurate values, which are around 10 minutes for dj1.

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