[qhanzi] short downtime; progress on new kanji site

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Ben Bullock

Mar 30, 2022, 12:19:47 AM3/30/22
to sljfaq.org
qhanzi.com underwent a short down time just now due to uploading a new version which had some "improvements" for the kanji.sljfaq.org version which confused it. I've taken advantage of the issue to do a quick server upgrade at the same time.

I've been able to get some speed boosts for the shape matching on the kanji site as well as working on improving it.

I have asked a Japanese person to check the Japanese for the site but it's been a bit slow in getting a response, possibly because of the busy time of the year.

Since kanji.sljfaq.org is based on the kanjivg project to quite a large extent, I've also been trying to do something about the state of disarray of that project for the last few days.

Ben Bullock

Mar 30, 2022, 12:38:00 AM3/30/22
to sljfaq.org
Another thing I was thinking about is whether to make the "stroke order dependent" search the default on the new site. The shape-matching search is actually demonstrably useless except for very simple shapes at the moment, so that definitely cannot be the default, but the stroke-order independent search is actually quite solid now after two years of working on qhanzi.com, and generally gets better answers than the old C program at kanji.sljfaq.org. What does anyone think about that?
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