[Kanji] Overhaul of the local dictionary files

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Ben Bullock

Apr 30, 2022, 8:28:42 PM4/30/22
to sljfaq.org
I've added some radical diagrams using the KanjiVG radical information to the local kanji pages of kanji.sljfaq.org such as

While doing this work I noticed several problems.

First of all, all of the copyright, acknowledgement, and contact information seemed to be missing from the pages. From inspecting the code, the subroutine which prints these into the file exists but I cannot see where it was actually being called, so it is possible that the pages have never had correct contact information.

Another problem was that some radicals were coming out as

部首 手(ふぁいぇd)

This is another programming error where something which printed "FAILED" when it didn't work was ignored and then the output was converted into the above kana. This happened when the radical could not be guessed easily from the IDS data.

Yet another problem was that the list of Jukugo such as

were actually empty. Again, looking at the source code, there is a fault. In this case I used a string append command to append the text to something which is not a string. Now I thought that these extra jukugo pages were being produced correctly, but I cannot imagine that they ever were, so presumably this bug has been there for the last two years.

On top of this, after starting writing this message, but before sending it, I found another problem, which is that the "go back" links on the jukugo/component pages were not being added. 

Anyway, this affects only the Japanese language pages but hopefully things have improved. Considering the slapdash nature of the problems I've found so far I suspect that there are many more things wrong with this dictionary, but for now I'll leave it at this stage.

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