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Ben Bullock

Oct 6, 2020, 7:31:29 PM10/6/20
Some notes about and the kanji site.

* A user sent me a list of problems with the site which was very interesting. After examining the user's input, I was able to identify some problems with my system causing recognition issues for some characters. Because this feedback was so useful, I am thinking of adding a button to the page which would allow a user to query why their character was not recognised. The button would automatically capture an image of the user's input and then give them a place to enter their email address and so on and query why their input had not been recognised, rather than requiring them to send me an email by themselves.

* An iPad user sent me a mystery email claiming that the site didn't work. I haven't heard from any other users about this so I will assume that this was just an anomaly due to caching or other similar issues.

* During the testing for the new pen input, I noticed that the site was very slow to respond for some kinds of inputs. To increase the speed of response, I've reverted the recognition algorithm for some inputs back to the much faster original stroke-order independent algorithm instead of the more accurate but sometimes very slow algorithm I changed over to last year. Testing this out, the old algorithm is strikingly faster for the problem inputs and the accuracy is only very slightly less. For some inputs the old algorithm turns out to give better answers than the "correct" algorithm, which is probably because the old algorithm is partly stroke-order dependent.

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