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Ben Bullock

Apr 27, 2022, 8:04:25 PM4/27/22
to sljfaq.org
I was recently given the permissions to edit the KanjiVG files which I've been using to make the stroke order diagrams etc. at kanji.sljfaq.org, so I've been doing some work on that. As a result I revisited my radical name page at

I've added some new forms to the list such as the CJK Radicals Supplement version of shoku-hen ⻞, and I've also added some more explanatory text about all the things in Unicode related to radicals, for example the mismatched English names between the CJK Radicals Supplement block of Unicode and the Kangxi Radicals block:


Also notes on the Unicode radical blocks themselves:

Quite similar to the problems with Han unification, it is very, very, very difficult to see evidence of consistency and logic in the Unicode standard for the CJK Radicals block and the CJK Strokes block. The huge lists of people participating in these decisions makes it even more extraordinary how arbitrary the decisions seem to have been.  

Would it be going too far to suggest that these gigantic committees were actually just collections of yes-men and yes-women who were simply there to rubber stamp whatever arbitrary decisions were made, and none of these people actually bothered to actually inspect the end results? What makes it even more exasperating is that nobody seems to care enough about these code points to even represent them in fonts, so we have a situation which I've had to document in the KanjiVG documentation where the default fonts for the CJK Stroke values are completely misleading in the font which github itself uses, and the best documentation for the CJK Strokes Unicode block is the examples listed in the proposal. It's very frustrating.

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