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Ben Bullock

May 17, 2022, 9:41:58 PMMay 17
to sljfaq.org
I've rebuilt the handwritten server at qhanzi.com to add some more characters. This just adds a few more corners of Unicode such as 囪 and 䧭 to the total number of characters recognised. There are currently 27,088 characters in the database, out of a total of 20,941 + 6582 = 27523, according to this web page: https://stackoverflow.com/a/11415841

So there are 435 characters to go until it recognises all of plane 0. Every time I look at the log file I seem to find someone trying to recognise a plane 2 character, so I am considering how to do that without making the whole system very unwieldy. Also a lot of the recognition data is not very good.

In other news I've put some more programming pages on lemoda.net:

I've also improved the flood fill solver so that now it solves about 99% of all the cases:

I think I mentioned before that I had asked someone to do this as a programming challenge, but he was not interested so I did this work myself. I can make the source code for the solver available if anyone is interested.

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