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Ben Bullock

Jun 10, 2020, 3:03:23 AM6/10/20
Here is an example to illustrate why I don't respond to translation requests:

The original query:


Can you interpret these Chinese-type characters/symbols for me?  Other side indicates token is from a "Studebaker's" restaurant/night club which could have been in Singapore, Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur.
Or, can you suggest how I might determine a 'translation'?
    Thank you for any assistance,
            L....... T...../Wichita, Kansas-USA


I replied as follows:



And here is LT's response:

Sorry to have bothered you--absolutely no help/assistance, since I know nothing of the terms you recite.  Why not just reply, "Can't help" without the gobbledygook B.S.?

I wrote back to him:


Your response illustrates why I no longer reply to requests like yours. 


And here LT replies:


Which, of course, is a nonsensical response--you had not replied to my inquiry.  Why do you have a web site which seems to suggest making inquiries such as I presented?  




Jun 11, 2020, 3:01:25 AM6/11/20
Well, at least he/she/it wrote "symbols". I used to get requests to translate "sybols", "simbles", and once even "cymbals".


Ben Bullock

Jun 11, 2020, 3:34:07 AM6/11/20
> Well, at least he/she/it wrote "symbols". I used to get requests to translate "sybols", "simbles", and once even "cymbals".

Yup. Actually his initial email reads really well, and the image he wanted me to decipher was fairly clear, so I was initially tempted to do it for him, then I remembered how badly these discussions have ended so I just sent the link, and oops look what happened. 

Never mind, this just reinforces my opinion that the only thing to do is to refuse.

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