[kanji] Static pages: old announcement removed; mailto subject added; date added

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Ben Bullock

Nov 26, 2020, 12:50:25 AM11/26/20
to sljfaq.org
I've updated the static kanji pages of the form

* The notice about the links changing away from WWWJDIC, dating from August 2019, has been removed.
* The mailto links now all contain a subject/body combination to reduce the "empty email" problem of people sending email without mentioning what page they are discussing, or the one I had today of someone just putting the kanji in the subject line where it was nearly invisible.
* Each page now features information on when it was generated, as well as version information within a comment at the end of the page.

Ben Bullock

Nov 26, 2020, 2:23:08 AM11/26/20
to sljfaq.org
Further to the previous message, I've fixed some small issues with the pages:

* "Parts" links no longer include self-referential links, for example the page for 示 no longer includes a link back to itself under "パーツ" since this doesn't serve much purpose.

* Some romanisations of wordings were wrong, for example

linked to basuru instead of bassuru:

and the reading linked by いっ on a page like

now goes to

where it was going to


Future plans include automatically updating the pages periodically and also removing old pages periodically.

Ben Bullock

Nov 27, 2020, 8:26:47 PM11/27/20
to sljfaq.org
I received an informational email from Google that some of my pages were not displaying correctly on mobile devices, for example the following:

The problem as far as I can tell is the list of radicals, it was saying

部首 冂(けいがまえ・まきがまえ・えんがまえ・どうがまえ)

and this seemed to make the basic information box become too big. I tried some CSS methods like line-break, and using spaces instead of centre dots for the radical names, but unfortunately that didn't work. So what I did is to alter the main kanji pages so that only the first radical name is shown, so it now says

部首 冂(けいがまえ)

on the above page, but keep all the radical names on the radical page:

The remaining nagging concern I have is whether the first radical name is really the best one in all cases.

I also did some work on centring the initial kanji and the final line containing the date of the page update.

The deletion of old pages from the site is now semi-automated in that I have set up a job to periodically scan the site for old files and message me about them.

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