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Johannes Prost

Feb 4, 2011, 8:15:27 PM2/4/11
to Slimstat
Hello group,

First, Steephen thank you for the nice program.

Installed slimstat 2.2 on a windows system (php 5.2.13, MySql 4.1.22, install went well.
After install, calling
gives me a blank page.
will bring me to the details page.

I found that all links stated with ./ are giving me a blank page.
After this I went through the following files:
line 52 = link of logo
line 94 = link for "Details tab"
and added for each link index.php

To get the login page correctly if Auth is set in config.php following file has to be changed:

index.php line 182 from /?login to /index.php?login

After a successfull login the redirect went to a blank page again. For this to work correctly, the following file has to be
changed too:
/page/login.php line 39 from ./ to ./index.php
This brings me to the details page after successfull login.

By going through the files, I noticed also in welcome.php some "unclean" code entries in line 39 and from 43 - 48.
Are those current entries ok or not ?

Those are some of my "problems" I have with slimstat.
After those changes the program is working.
Is the software only working "out of the box" on Apache ?
Or is this only specific to my webserver software ?

As I have still problems with getting stats, I will explain that in a separate mail.

I just wanted to help making things better.


Johannes Prost

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