macOS re-release of SLiM 3.5

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Ben Haller

Dec 9, 2020, 9:31:01 PM12/9/20
to slim-announce
Hi folks.  If you are not using SLiM on macOS, you can skip this email.

I did a little dumb thing with the SLiM 3.5 release, and as a result, SLiMgui didn't run properly on macOS 11, as Áki noted in the previous slim-discuss thread.  I have figured out that dumb thing and fixed it, and it should now run on macOS 11 properly.  I have therefore re-released SLiM 3.5, in the sense that the version number hasn't changed, and there are no source code changes (the dumb thing I did was in the build procedure, not in the source code), and nothing whatsoever changes for Linux users, but the macOS installer has been replaced by a new version.

So.  I would recommend that all macOS users reinstall, so that you don't get bitten by the old version later on if/when you upgrade to macOS 11.  If you use SLiM on macOS, you should:

1) delete the old SLiMgui from your /Applications folder just to be sure it doesn't linger

2) download the new installer from (make sure your browser didn't hand you a cached copy of the old version! if the download seems instantaneous, you need to clear your browser cache)

3) run the new installer

You will now have a fixed SLiMgui app.  As a bonus, it now says that its version number is 3.5 in Finder.  This conveniently allows you to check whether you have the old or the new 3.5 SLiMgui: the old build had an incorrect version number of 3.4 in the Finder.  :->

Sorry for the mixup.  Little details of the build train to be ironed out, since QtSLiM got renamed SLiMgui, and this is the first time its version number has changed, and so forth.  Next time will be smoother.  :->


Benjamin C. Haller
Messer Lab
Cornell University
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