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Marc Ackermann

Apr 16, 2021, 10:03:39 AM4/16/21
to Slatwall Commerce

looks like the default value for the number of items displayed on a product listing page is 10. Where can I change that? I need to increase it to 12. I've searched thru all tabs in the backend but can't find where I can change it?

Also if I want the the user to be able to change the display on the frontend with a select like
- 20 produts
- 50 products
- 100 products
is there a getProductSmartList().buildURL() call for that? Maybe like for price
$.slatwall.getProductSmartList().buildURL( 'r:calculatedSalePrice=50^100' ) ?

Best regards,

Sumit Verma

Apr 16, 2021, 3:44:52 PM4/16/21
to SlatwallEcommerce
I'm not sure what's in your template, but in general with smartlist you can do: $.slatwall.yoursmarlist.setPageRecordsShow(12);

Sumit Verma
Founder / CTO | Slatwall Commerce
office: 877.886.5806 x 103 | mobile: 617.290.8214 | | twitter: blogonria

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