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Sumit Verma

Oct 12, 2021, 3:26:39 PM10/12/21
to SlatwallEcommerce
To The Slatwall Commerce Community,

We have been building and supporting Slatwall Commerce as open source software for over 11 years. We appreciate the input and expertise of our small community over that time. Recently, there have been some business model changes as we have focused on building Slatwall Commerce as a complete headless commerce application.

While the Slatwall Commerce core will no longer be open source, development teams will continue to have open source access to our plugins, storefront kits, SDK and more. We have invested significant time and resources into making it easier for developers to build and launch storefronts and eCommerce applications using Slatwall and there’s more to come.

Although Slatwall Commerce will no longer be supported as an open source project we hope you'll continue to consider the platform as a SaaS solution. If you have any questions feel free to email

Sumit Verma
Founder / CTO | Slatwall Commerce
office: 877.886.5806 x 103 | mobile: 617.290.8214 | | twitter: blogonria
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