rsync --cvs-exclude excludes too much files

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Nov 7, 2007, 8:43:59 AM11/7/07
to slack users

We're using slack to deploy some windows applications (well, with
wine), and
the --cvs-exclude rsync option, used in slack-sync, is getting in the

Looking at rsync's man page, it seems --cvs-exclude also filters
"*.so" out; maybe
filtering "*.exe" doesn't harm much people, but I'm very surprised
"*.so" doesn't
create problems for a broader range or use cases...

All in all, my humble opinion is that this option filters too much,
and is in general
dangerous as what it filters can (conceivably) change depending on
rsync releases,
possibly breaking working setups.

A possible fix would be to change slack-sync to filter an explicit
list of patterns, and/or
to make this configurable...


David Lowry

Nov 9, 2007, 11:02:39 AM11/9/07

I had a similar problem with some kernel modules for VMWare. I ended
up having to name the files differently (i.e. *.o -> * or something
like that) and just using the postinstall script to copy them into
the correct spots. Ideally, I think your idea of a list of patterns
would be best, but for now this workaround is enough for my needs.


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