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Kamael Xevious

Jun 10, 2007, 7:25:35 PM6/10/07
to SL Pride 2007
It has come to my attention through various means that the Celebrate
Couples project is no longer supported by its SL creator. The project
is, therefore, terminated. As a result of this mess, the two curators
of the Art Gallery have also withdrawn their support from Pride. None
of the possible solutions I suggested for remeding the situation were
sufficient to address their concerns, and they were unable to make any
suggestions. So, as of this moment, NO Celebrate Couples Project,
either on the grounds or in the Art Gallery. Marisela Bouchard has
withdrawn her donation of 500L (I'm covering it) and will not be
participating as a merchant at the Festival. Robsub and Snapper have
both resigned from the Art Gallery curatorship.

So, here's the deal:

1) NO Celebrate Couples project. Whether or not using such a basic
and simple idea raises to the level of sustainability for a claim of
plagiarism is doubtful, but we don't need the publicity an attempt
would generate.
(And don't worry, there's absolutely nothing illegal going on even if
we DID use it. This is about image, not legal liability.) We'll vote
on this on Tuesday, but honestly, we should absolutely terminate the

2) The Art Gallery is under the Build Committee (where it should have
been in the first place) and without anyone to run it. If we can't
find someone to recruit artists by Tuesday, we'll have to reconsider
that project as well. There IS an easy out here, though, but I'd
rather not use it if we can avoid it.



Jeffrey Chaplin

Jun 11, 2007, 1:38:46 AM6/11/07
to sl-pri...@googlegroups.com
I know a talented artist that is already a vendor...Rob Fairymeadow..I am sure he could donate some artwork for the event.  I also have a few peices I would be willing to show if we need them.

Jase Byrne

Jun 11, 2007, 5:38:59 AM6/11/07
to SL Pride 2007

I can round up some artists too. Jeff you want to work together on
this? IM me in game.

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