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Jani Myriam

Jun 9, 2007, 2:08:52 PM6/9/07
Hi everyone!

My name is Jani Myriam and I currently coordinate activities at the
Transgender Resource Center in Second Life. One of our members mentioned the
SL Pride event and it sounds like a wonderful idea and something we'd love
to help out with.  If someone could point me to the meeting schedule and any
other relevant information for an SL Pride newbie it would be much

Thanks in advance!


Kamael Xevious

Jun 9, 2007, 2:43:16 PM6/9/07
to SL Pride 2007
Hi, Jani--

The Steering Committee will meet one last time on Tuesday, June, 2007
at 5:00 p.m. PDT. IM me for a TP a few minutes early and I'll be glad
to send the limo.

As for how you can help, I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone when I
say that any help you can send our way would be most appreciated.
That said, we do have some specific things we need a LOT of help with:

1) Security Team--I believe the security committee has met (or is
getting close to meeting) its recruiting goals, but I'm also pretty
sure neither Traven Sachs nor Brenda Archer would turn anyone away--
it's always good to have back-up, after all.

2) Operations--Kris Mounier is the Chair of this VERY overworked and
overtaxed committee. We especially need help with the Parade

3) Building--JoshBear Sojourner, Chair of this committee, is still
looking for help with the venue construction--especially landscaping.
We take possession of the sims in 9 days--so anyone you've got who can
help set up would be welcomed with open arms on this one.

4) Marketing and Advertising--Redemption Summers is the chair, but
talk to me as Red is on hiatus due to a family emergency. If you've
got professional graphic artists or designers, OR professional writers
(especially with experience doing press releases), we've got jobs for

Finally, if the Center wants space at the festival for an exhibit or
exhibition hall, let me know ASAP. Land we've got, but we need to get
you settled fast since you'll only have about a week to actually build
the thing.

Hope this helps. Feel free to IM me with any other questions you might


Kamael Xevious
Chair, Second Pride Festival 2007

Jani Myriam

Jun 9, 2007, 4:05:18 PM6/9/07
Hi Kamael,

I'll be there on Tuesday for sure.  I'll forward this email on to our admin group and see if I can drum up volunteers from there first to fill any of the outstanding roles you've got. I'll certainly be willing to help on one of these projects and on the day of the event. I'll look the list over and talk to you at the next meeting to find out where I can be of most use.

We certainly would like space at the festival if it's still available. We can probably field a good number of volunteers to staff it, especially during peak.

Take care,
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