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Kamael Xevious

May 29, 2007, 3:20:33 PM5/29/07
to SL Pride 2007
1) My internet connection is seriously SNAFUed right now. The problem
started Saturday night, and will probably continue until at least this
weekend. (They're replacing a 5 mile section of the main line to the
digital network dish farm, UGH) I'm assured that I will probably be
able to connect to SL after 7:00 p.m. local time tonight (until
tomorrow morning, then it starts all over again). If I can't get a
solid connection to SL by thirty minutes prior to tonight's meeting,
I'll send a message through one of the other Chairs about how the
meeting will progress.

2) Please use the name "Second Pride Festival 2007" in all press
releases. "Second Life Pride," "Gay Pride," "Gay Pride Fest" and many
others constitute trademark violations. "Second Pride Festival" has
been checked for availablity and does not constitute such a
violation. Thanks.

3) I will assume that Jase Byrne is working FOR the Operations Sub-
committee, rather than merely co-ordinating with the Operations Sub-
committee, on the AIDS Quilt--unless I hear otherwise. In order to
make sure that this sort of thing doesn't happen again in the future,
I am asking all Sub-Committee chairs to send me a notecard (in-world)
with the names of all their committee members. We'll then be
assigning people to roles in the Pride Festival 2007 groups based on
this information. This will NOT restrict people from helping with
other committees, but give me a better idea of who's doing what for
whom. Please keep me up-to-date when you recruit new members too.



Jase Byrne

May 30, 2007, 1:44:10 PM5/30/07
to SL Pride 2007

OK....Ive fixed the mis-brand on the Quilt kiosks I have. I will
attempt to reach people who have kiosks..ATTEMPT..if anyone here has
one or two dozen as the case may be...holler me up and get a revised
Ill try and IM folks to see if they'll replace
I should be checking on if there's panels anywho.

Peace and brownies

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