Monday MPW-2 Update - Oct 10, 2022

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Oct 11, 2022, 1:17:19 PM10/11/22

Hello everyone,

Please see updates for this week.

Caravel Redesign

  • Based on the issues identified with MPW-2, the Caravel design is being updated.

  • The design update includes review and revision of RTL, constraints for design and analysis, and final sign-off.

  • Design is progressing well with completion of all RTL changes, design constraints,  and first-pass implementation of all macros and top-level.  Sign-off will include both open-source and proprietary tools.

  • Completion of an initial iteration is expected to complete this week with an additional iteration to support Reram to follow.

MPW-2 Silicon Testing

  • Silicon testing has been running for all functional blocks with the exception of the SPI master controller as part of the mgmt core. 

  • Work continues to debug the testing for this function.

MPW-2 Hardware

  • The volume fabrication of the Caravel Nucleo Hat boards are in process and are expected to complete this week.

  • Material for the remainder of the configuration including the Nucleo boards are being ordered.


  • Given the issues seen for MPW-2, we are asking project owners for MPW-7 to complete 2 tasks for their designs that will help to avoid these issues in the future.

  1. A top level timing check to prevent hold violations between macro blocks, or macros and the Caravel management core.

  1. Set defaults for all the GPIOs by including the user_defaults file in the submitted repository. This is to ensure that if there is a problem with the management core, the GPIOs will already be set correctly for your project.

  • When both of these tasks are ready to deploy, we will give everyone who submitted to MPW7 one week to complete both tasks. We will support you here with any problems you encounter.

  • Once that new deadline is over, we will make the selection on all the designs that have completed both tasks.


Jeff DiCorpo

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