Monday MPW-2 Update - Oct 3, 2022

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Oct 3, 2022, 11:58:36 PM10/3/22

Hello everyone,

Please see updates for this week.

MPW-2 Silicon Testing

  • Testing continues using IO characterized configuration for parts as we extend functional test coverage  CPU stress, openRAM, DFFRAM, IRQ, UART, etc.

  • We are continuing to build additional test setups that include the updated Caravel board supporting the breakout boards from MPW-2.  The additional setups will allow us to run more part testing in parallel.

  • A sample from each project is being retained by Efabless to be included in the testing.

MPW-2 Hardware

  • Caravel Nucleo Hat boards are back and have completed functional test verification.

  • Testing has confirmed the ability to perform a range of functions from the Nucleo development board required to support automated testing including 

    • updating firmware to Flash through the housekeeping SPI interface

    • programming voltage levels for both the 1v8 and 3v3 supplies

    • reading and writing digital values to all Caravel IO pads

    • supplying a programmable clock frequency to Caravel through a PWM driver from Nucleo

  • The Nucleo-based kit will be shipped to project owners with preinstalled software to allow users to automatically test parts for their project and identify the ‘string’ required to configure IO.

  • The updated Caravel Hat boards have been submitted to the board house for fabrication and assembly.  We are waiting for the confirmed delivery date but expect it to be a 7 day turnaround which would have boards back to Efabless on Wednesday, October 12.


Jeff DiCorpo

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