Delivery of MPW-2 silicon and bring up assistance

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Aug 25, 2022, 12:14:50 PM8/25/22
Hi everyone,

MPW-2 chips are now back from packaging and we are moving forward with breakout board assembly. We currently plan to start shipping people parts and breakout board assemblies by September 9 and you will get a notification from Efabless when this happens.  If you have your development board, this will allow you to get started.

As you may already know, there were a number of issues with the harness on MPW-1. With MPW-2, a new harness was created to solve these problems. While this harness is operating better, there are some issues with configuration of the GPIO for digital projects.

To help more people achieve success despite these issues, Efabless will be;
  • Shipping everyone a test development board kit based on the one used to make MPW-1 silicon usable.
  • Providing test software and firmware routines with detailed instructions to automatically configure GPIO for your project.
  • Holding three office hour sessions each week to allow people all over the globe to get assistance.
While it is unfortunate that these issues persist, with this set of tools we are confident that many groups will be successful in testing their projects on MPW-2. To keep everyone informed, we will be providing weekly updates every Monday for at least the next 3 months.  

In parallel, MPW-3 which is currently being packaged and we are working to understand how it will be affected. Manufacturing of MPW-4 and beyond is currently on hold while we continue to investigate.


Jeff DiCorpo
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