Corruption is inevitable in unimaginative societies

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Bala Pillai

May 16, 2007, 11:20:32 PM5/16/07
Corruption is inevitable in unimaginative societies

I am coming to the view that corruption is inevitable in under or unimaginative societies.

It is as if societies have to have a threshold amount and distribution of wealth to run at threshold ethical levels.

All else being equal, the less imaginative a society is, the less creative it is, the less problems it transforms into opportunities, and the more people have to in their insecurity nibble on a smaller amount of wealth. Reminds me of how the catfish would climb on top of each other and jostle each other for the pieces of bread I would throw into a dying lake in a town, Seremban, Malaysia, I grew up in.

In India, I cannot see how corruption can be significantly reduced unless consciousness is raised that 1)politics is hard and risky work and 2) it costs serious money to get elected and therefore 3) either society openly pays for it via public funding of election campaigns or it in its drunken (on haterade) state chooses to bitch bitch and bitch ad nauseum AND pay more via corruption for centuries.

Google for how nations like Australia publicly fund election campaigns and therefore drastically reduce the frequency of corruption at high levels thereby giving politicians the legitimacy to go after the lower rungs. How to stem the rot in the fish's head so that the head can stem the rot in the tail.

What of this resonates?

Bala Pillai

"Some people make the world happen, more watch the world happen, most wonder what happened"
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