How to find out which alphabets support a true type font

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Heidi Kurz

Apr 29, 2021, 6:29:21 AMApr 29
to skia-discuss
Hi together, 
I need some help about the following problem. 
I use the Shaper module to render unicode letters like Arabic or Hephrew. 
Now I need a functionality how to find out which alphabets support a true type font. 
For example I have to render Arabic strings, but not all available true type fonts support Arabic letters. So I have to choose the correct available true type font. 
I hope you can understand my problem. 
BR, Heidi

Ben Wagner

Apr 29, 2021, 9:18:18 AMApr 29
There is somewhat simple support for this in Skia with
SkFontMgr::matchFamilyStyleCharacter. Note that this is what
FontMgrRunIterator::consume currently uses to do font fallback.

Different platforms handle font fallback and matching in different
ways ways, though recently it may be possible to provide a bit better
implementation in Skia which could be supported cross platform. The
main issue here is that it is fairly time consuming to go through a
collection of fonts and extract the character map information, so
every platform tries to cache this information as much as possible.
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