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Kevin Pepe

Oct 28, 2022, 1:13:04 AM10/28/22
to Skanect

I am not sure what iI am doing wrong but can not get this program to work. Either there is a memory issue or it just stops. Log file says could not set near mode.

I am using the Xbox 360 kinect with 1.11 pro I do not have a nvidia cpu. Computer has 32 gig of memory installed.

INFO: Starting Skanect 1.11.0 (64 bits)
INFO: Configuration file: C:/Users/krpep/AppData/Roaming/ManCTL/Skanect.ini
INFO: License configuration file: C:/Users/krpep/AppData/Roaming/ManCTL/SkanectLicense.ini
WARNING: Could not detect CUDA devices: CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version
WARNING: If you own a NVidia CUDA 2.0 compatible device, make sure your CUDA drivers are installed and up to date.
WARNING: CUDA device specs are NOT enough for GPU fusion, disabled. (CUDA supported: 0) (CUDA with fermi support: 0) (More than 900 Mbytes of memory: 0)
INFO: License type: PRO
INFO: Trying Structure Core backend
INFO: No support for Kinect One SDK.
INFO: Initializing Kin4Win driver

INFO: Number of Kinect for Windows devices found: 1.
INFO: OpenNI2: Number of devices: 0
INFO: No support for softkinetic, skipping.
INFO: [Kinect 1fc85f0] connecting

INFO: Kinect for Windows: initialized successfully

INFO: Kinect for Windows: color stream opened.

INFO: Kinect for Windows: depth stream opened.

WARNING: Kinect for Windows: could not set near mode

WARNING: Kinect for Windows: must be an Xbox Kinect.

INFO: Kinect for Windows: flags set.

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